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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by VRL, Aug 23, 2001.

  1. VRL

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    Just wanted to know if $6300.00 was high or low to install an irrigation system includes Labor and materials. It will run 9 to 12 valves, a 12 station controller, Backflow device, sprinklers, etc. Water Pressure is very high and I'm estimating that I will use about 200 pop ups.

    How do price your installs?

    any info. will be great. Southern California Landscapers or from other states are nice to know.:confused:
  2. gusbuster

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    Way too low. The price your giving comes out to $31.20 per head. Should be at least somewhere between $37 to $45 a head.
    Here in my area, a LISCENCED STATE CONTRACTOR gets no less than $45 a head for fixed sprays.

    If you are doing large areas, why not use rotors or impacts? If you use the right setup, cheaper for you to install, make more money of the deal, and less labor.
  3. VRL

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    This residential home is huge. The Plan shows alot of planting beds, than lawn. I figured 6 rotors for the lawn. The planters are only 3 feet wide, has a lot of curves and about 100+ feet in length on different parts of the property. Pretty long drive way and alot of hardscape. Yea about 200 pop ups and risers.

    For small areas I charge 50 to 75 per head, depends on terrain and all other factors you need to take in consideration. For large areas $40 to $45 or little less per head is o.k. huh. Including all materials and labor?

    Thanks for your input,

  4. HBFOXJr

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    If you don't know how to price this work, how do you know your finished product will be correctly engineered to water and work properly?

    Never, ever price by the head. Use time and materials plus overhead and profit margin.
  5. racerdave

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    Harold is right on the money. While by the head pricing may be a good ballpark figure, you will run into all kinds of profit eating delays and work arounds. A simple lawn system can go pretty fast, but flower beds will go much slower in some cases.
    If the beds your talking about have not been planted yet, then maybe you can get away with head pricing.

  6. VRL

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    I price my irrigation install at $50 per head for small areas. I wanted the job so I sacraficed to install it at $700.00 per station/valve (9 stations/valves) = $6,300. I also price it this way if I know that the pressure is low and have to use more valves.

    Any way they said I was toooo expensive!. $6300 was a damn good price and I was regreting to do it for that price. Well good thing they did not go for it, I guess. I did not get the job. $50 per head for about 200 sprinklers $10,000 thats fair, I agree. That's why I ask for your opinions, I was thinking that I was too expensive.

    At another job, I installed 6 valves for no more than 6 sprinkler heads some three sprinklers depending on wether they were halves, quarters, etc. who knows irrigation you know what I'm talking about. So I made $4,200.00 700.00 x 6 valves = 4200.00 and If I charged $50 per head that would be 6 heads per valve (6 valves total =36 sprinklers) 36 sprinklers x $50.00per head=$1,800 in this case charging per valves/station was very well paid.

    So both methods are good, I try to go for the one thats going to make me more money. Like I said I wanted the job, I only do installations and no maintenance. I am going to start doing maint. in the meantime.
  7. HBFOXJr

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    As I can see both pricing methods are bad because they give you such different results for the same job. What do you do? Pick the price closest to what the customer wants to pay?

    Get a grip on yourself and learn real bidding and estimating with time, materials, overhead recovery and profit. Contact Charles VAnder Kooi or Jim Huston. Both advertise in the trade magazines and are speakers at major trade events. If you can't find them let me know and I'll get you the info.

    You can't afford not to learn any longer.
  8. greasemonkey

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    I paid $80 (including shipping) for Jim Huston's book "Estimating for Landscaping and Irrigation Contractors" I can't even begin to tell you how much money I will save and earn thanks to what this book has taught me. you can order it online and it'll come right to your door.

  9. HBFOXJr

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    GMonkey is so right.

    Just one small task job bid right rather than wrong will pay for the book. Just one install bid right rather than wrong will pay for a 2 day seminar.

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