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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grassmasterswilson, Aug 14, 2011.

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    For you southern guys how are you spreading out your apps? In the past I started with pre in March and then an app every 6-8 weeks. That worked great until mother nature started giving up 100 degree temps and drought the last few years!!!

    I'm considering doing 3 spring apps (feb, april, may) and then 3 fall apps (aug, oct, nov) with seeding in late september and early october. Then I could leave the summer to push fungicides(although I haven't been successfull with this).

    Any thoughts on this? Curious to what everyone is doing in the south.
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    I "thought" I was going to put together a (__) step program and that's what I'd use, period.

    So far, almost every program I've put together has been different. The only constants are Fert. with preM (for crabgrass) in two separate spring apps......and a winterization fert. app..
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    Would you consider wilson to be in eastern nc or not ? According to the map, your right on the edge. Is the soil sandy or more clay ? The soil in w-s is very red. I have used granular fertilizer exclusively based on pounds of N per 1000 sq. ft. It sounds like you are doing liquids. How many pounds of N per year are you shooting for ? The micro-climates in nc can be so different 5 miles apart that one size doesn't fit all as far as fertilizer rates. I think irrigation can make a big difference too. Can you break down your apps for me ? What does your pre-emergent program look like.

    I would seed cool season grasses the third week of august or the first week of september. If you do it all right your fungicide use should be at a minimum. I know this doesn't really answer your questions about a fescue program but i am curious about what your doing.
  4. grassmasterswilson

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    Yeah i'm good on warm season turf but would like a consistant fescue program. When trying to do a year round fescue program I seem to lose the middle rounds to heat .....

    round 1 - fert/pre/3way
    round 2 - pre/3way
    round 3 has been 90+ with little rain
    round 4 way too many 100 degree days
    round 5 lime app
    Round 6 fert/3way

    So sometimes I can sell a 4 step and if I'm lucky round 5 and 6 get done. That's why I'm thinking of doing 3 early and 3 late. I hope that would help get everything in shape to withstand the summers better. Maybe I just sell a 4 step fescue program? Who knows. Just sucks when you miss out on 2 or 3 rounds that you were hoping to count on!!
  5. grassmasterswilson

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    I say eastern nc. Our soils are mostly sandy loam. Very little clay and what you find is deep in the soil. I shoot for 3 apps at 1lb of N per year(total of 3lbs/year). I don't do liquid. We don't seed until October. August will bring us 90+ degree days most of the month and september will be the same.

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