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    Need a little help in the bidding area. My Father started mowing after he retired from factory life about 9 years ago, I started helping him 7 years ago after he picked up a few more jobs than he could handle on his own. we went from 1 old rider and 1 push mower to a whole trailer full of equipment. my problem is that most of these old jobs were handed down to Dad by a freind of his and they are all way under priced. I have talked Dad into letting me run the business for next season, I have a plan to increse the amount charged for the curent lawns we do. I hate to lose any of these jobs but we can not continue to break even on these small jobs. I will also launch a plan for new jobs in some of the upper class and new home areas, we know that comercal jobs go for $45 an acre but we don't have a good ideal what to charge for residental jobs. my plan is for $70 per hour, for 3 people that includes trimming. That would make a 30 minute job cost $35, Dad thinks this is to high for the area. If anyone can or will give there insight I would be thankful for you help.

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