Southern people...opinions on SCAG??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FIRESCOOBY, Sep 21, 2007.


    FIRESCOOBY LawnSite Senior Member
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    Ok, I've searched and read and read...till my head is spinning.

    I'm looking to get a new mower sometime between today and next March. My current mower is listed in sig...and I'm not at all happy with the cut quality.

    I'm looking at Exmark AS Ultracut 52" or SCAG 52" (either Wildcat or Turf Tiger). I've not run either (I am demoing them in the next few weeks). The SCAG dealer appears to be excellent in the service department and reputation. I'm not considering HUSTLER because for #1 the service at the dealer has gotten very poor, and #2 every mower in their stock sits outside 24/7 for who knows how long.

    I'm just wondering what advantages each mower has over the other.

    Prices are:
    Exmark AS Ultracut 52"/28hp KAW: $7799
    SCAG Wildcat 52"/25hp KAW: $8295
    SCAG Turf Tiger 52"/ 27hp Kohler: $9295

    How do these price sound?
    Is the SCAG worth the extra money?

    Any info, opinions, experience would be greatly appreciated.

  2. KTO Enterprises

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    If you are going in the 52" range get the scag tiger cub. It is lighter, and more nimble than the wildcat, you can get the same hp.26 b&s which is a great engine all for like 6200.

    Top quality mower
  3. jkingrph

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    I have a 52" Wildcat, purchased last summer. Did not use too much then because of drought, but made up for it with the summer rains here. It has the 26 hp Kawasaki, and has all the power you could need. The Velocity deck gives an excellent cut in my mixed grass yard( used to be bermuda, now bahia, bermuda, st augustine and untold varieties of meadow grasses. Should be similar to what you have around Cleveland.
  4. Lawnworks

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    Those prices sound high. My 61" TT w/ kholer 27 was $8700. I think either way you cannot go wrong... exmark and scag are the best mowers on the market. W/ the Scag, you just have to decide if you want to have the driveshaft or not. I have never blown a belt on my TT w/ 900 hours... I have put three seals in the gear box though.... cost is nothing but the seal has to sit overnight.
  5. IHusky

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    I have never ran Exmark, but I think that if you are going to drop $8,000 on a wildcat, then go to Scags website and look at the comparisons on the wildcat vs the TT. TT has bigger tank, pumps, motors, drive shaft and lower center of gravity. I had a tiger cub but traded it in on a TT and the TT is just so much more machine. The tiger cub and wildcat are similar, they have same size hydro pumps and the fuel tanks are above the wheels which gives it a higher center of gravity. The TT does way better on hills. Not to sure how it will cut the grass in Ga becasue I'm in texas. The wildcat is really nice, but the TT is a beast. I have absolutley no regrets in trading in my Tiger cub for the TT. I paid $10,400 for my TT but it is a 61" and has the Kaw 29 EFI. I don't think those prices are too far off, but if you can wait until winter you might be able to get a better price. Good luck.
  6. tacoma200

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    $10,400 is about the going rate for a Turf Tiger around here with the 29 Kaw or 35 Briggs (your choice).

    The Lazer is a good machine also and I haven't heard of any complaints about the cut in Ga. Get a good demo because the Exmark and Scag are two completely different handling machines.

    FIRESCOOBY LawnSite Senior Member
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    Thanks for the opinions.

    I'll probably be waiting until after the first of the year for tax reasons and what not. If I could maybe get the TT for $9k out the door...maybe it wouldn't hurt AS much. This mower will be my last mower for (hopefully) 5 years or more.

    Keep 'em coming guys.
  8. tjsquickcuts

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    I love my scags.....thats all we run....GO with the TT....believe it or not, I can put my 61 TT on just about any lawn....If you are cutting Bermuda/Zoysia 2 inches or lower, your cuts will be nice and smooth.....JMO....and your prices are a bit high, but here in Atl there is so much competition that they have to lower the prices a bit to get business.....
  9. Mike Blevins

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    Having used the Scag and Exmarks, go with the Scag. A Scag Wildcat or Tiger will hold hills better than the Exmarks. There might be a few disagree but I experienced it. As for which to pick you just have to go to website and compare. I like my Wildcat and my Tiger. I will tell you that the tiger is more comfortable for me because I am 6'4" and it hold hills better than the wildcat. I would by either machine again and not think twice about it.
  10. jkingrph

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    I checked price on new Wildcat about 6 weeks ago. Saw It setting on dealers floor 52" deck, 26hp LC Kawasaki. $7500 pre tax.

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