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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by burninbill, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. burninbill

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    Has anyone here compared the quality of products that SS and lesco carry? I am looking for a place to beat prices because everyone tells me I am paying too much for my products? I have tried to call a UHS dealer but they won't return my calls.

  2. kickin sum grass

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    lesco can sell cheaper than other places. Getting them to do so is the tricky part. If you get a quote from somewhere on a comparable product they will usually match it. We have had them price products cheaper but usually it is a struggle but they will come down.
  3. Buginout

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    I have never liked Lesco products much. I use Pro Source One for all my fertilizer needs. I check there prices every year and they are always the best price. I have been using them for over 15 years and I am still happy with the company. Here is the listed rep for you area.

    Turf and Ornamentals
    Jennifer Smith
    (931) 808-9169
  4. Hamons

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    I'll second prosource one -- use them exclusively and they are the best!
  5. Ric

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    Best price in order. Helena, UHS, Prosourseone, and Southern Agi.

    I am talking with the Harrell's fertilizer salesman now. they have good products and we are still talking price.

    I will give Prosource a big hand for all products. They carry Nursery supplies as well. I buy ground-cloth and linner trays and pots from them They even have 6 mil 4 year vinyl for greenhouses.

    Right now many of the fert companies are hurting. Lesco is making a come back from there once hurting position of a year or so ago.

    Lesco is a real good supplier for convenience. However they price for two ends of the Market and not in the middle. They are great for the small guy and the very very big national guys, but not the middle size guy. I use them as my 7-11 for the need to have now items.

    I read in another forum where a Simboit guy was bragging about his good prices or Simboit Discount from Lesco. Interesting enough theses prices for pesticides were 25% higher than the above companies everyday price.

    Price is not the only consideration when picking a supplier. Service and convenience are a big factor. Lesco has them all beat in that area. However you must pay for it. For the new guy Lesco is the only answer. Once you have grown to the point of buying Fert by the Pallet and pesticides by the case it is time to move to the other suppliers.


    Welcome to Lawnsite. I am just 30 miles south of you in Fat Point Fla. on 41. Interesting enough I am considered South Florida and you considered Central Florida. If you are in & out (GHP) then Volpak might be one of your suppliers.
  6. Agree with ric on price , service, convenence, and number of products in inventory, but also need to consider what quality of products they handle!

    About lesco pricing,
    I thought the company went down hill after I left gc in 96 and returned to turf in 99.

    I can't get any service from them unless I call national office, nothing from local branch, so I don't even consider them!

    So I guess you have to be a big guy, or drive 50 miles (1.5 hrs) each way. I do order buy pallets, but everything needs to be delivered!

    Again, I look at quality of product supplier handles, price and service
    and SS doesn't have what I want

  7. turf hokie

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    SS that I worked at during college didn;t carry slow release ferts it was all ag grade for crops and fields. So just make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Always remember all those companies are salesman first. They rely on commissions. So they sometimes will talk up a product that maybe isn;t the best out there.
    PS Tim Turf LESCO has seriously gone done hill, they can't keep any qualified personnel and are starting to really haggle hard over pricing.
  8. Buginout

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    Ric, I used Volpak a couple of times but there prices are to high. I used to use Helena up to about 13 years ago when I started using Southern AG- can't bet there prices anywhere.

    P.S. I am only L&O and Working on getting Aquatics, I'm to busy for anything else.
  9. Ric

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    Southern Ag is great and if you ask Darin the the time, he will tell how the watch is made.:D However Helena Is cheaper on many products. Soluble fertilizers and Aquatics you can't beat S. Ag. I split my business between all of them including Lesco. Yes Lesco is right on the corner in every town and That is worth something.

    OOPs Ric sure has changed his tune on Lesco. My gripe with Lesco was always about price, not Quality. I offer a upscale service and charge a little more, so does Lesco. Fertilizer Industry is hurting this last year or so and Lesco was about to go under at one time we all thought. Lesco has made a come back from bad times and Thank heavens. How would you like to stand in line at Super Walmart every time you needed a Quart of Milk.

    Lesco's counter help??? When we started in business they knew more than we did. After many years in business we learned the ropes. However I still learn something from Lesco now and again.
  10. Yes, you need to spread your business around


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