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    In the early 00's we had similar talk in Sydney. Regular rain seemed to have disappeared, all the climate change folk were talking doom and gloom, predicting that most capital cities in Australia would be out of water within 5 years. In 2008 regular rain started to come back in Sydney and our major dam went from 38% to 65% over Winter and slowly started to rise over the next year. In 2009 they lifted the ban on sprinklers after previously saying they will never be permitted again, especially with the growing population.

    Two years ago Brisbane and South East Queensland suffered from massive floods for the first time in 40 years, and Sydney copped it last Summer. We had our wettest Summer on record. Our dam was full and now this Summer which has been hot and dry ( It is Summer here now) business is booming.

    There were some tough times when they banned sprinklers, but I think weather patterns just shift over time and will return to what is considered "normal" eventually. An expert here was saying it all goes in 8 year cycles- dry patches and wet patches. I'm not saying to not think ahead and think about an alternative career, but I think there are people with agendas out there that make things seem much worse than what they actually are.
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    when the wetlands in the Central Valley are patrolled by rangers who are under orders to drive the waterfowl away from the selenium-polluted nesting areas (created by farmers pumping excess field water into the San Joaquin River) that kind of tells you things could be managed better
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    we had a great time. And as far a humidity vs non-humidity it seems like the humidity makes it hotter and cooler. the natives in vegas were complaining non stop about the cold but it.







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    Nice pics, Bran, that's just north of our neck of the desert. Wonder how many GPMs Las Vegas eats every day?
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    Nice pics! I have done that trip before with out a tour though. Glad you had fun.

    I've wondered the future of the business as well. New rules will be in place with higher costs. Inevitable.

    Seattle hasn't been hit by this. Though it could one day. At the moment our snowpack is 125 percent with all of our major reservoirs above the yearly average.
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    about the same temp to me as here. The grand canyon was very nice, high of 20˚ w/ no wind. I was dressed as I'd be here in the 30s and was pretty comfortable. One young lady from asia was wearing shorts/tights poor thing was freezing. My bride looked like she was going to the north pole however.
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    Since you're talking about Baja Jeff or BJ, you would need to post a link Shoes.
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    Old old news, by way of public television. Rangers fired shotguns, I think, to scare off the birds from their nesting areas. The selenium was making for birds with birth defects.

    Because California soil in the Central Valley was once seabed, it has seabed minerals in it, and ag watering washed them out of the top of the soil to the water that would build up deeper in the fields. The water buildup was mineral-rich to the point where it damaged crop roots if the water table rose high enough, so the farmers' remedy was to pump out the ground water and send it downriver.
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    I have never owned a TV Shoes so i doubt there is much of a chance i will catch the rerun.

    Kinda hard to believe that Fish and Wildlife (100 million dollar name change) would be chasing the birds off with guns when they have air, LP and carbide cannons to scare them. But WTH i live in Jeff.
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    I am less certain of the specific noisemakers used than of the rangers regretting aloud that their job had been more or less turned upside down, having to spend their efforts chasing birds out of their former sanctuary. If the central valley ag water is cheap enough, I don't assume it will be utilized thriftily. Maybe the increased energy cost of pumping out field water has hopefully contributed to different practices.

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