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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by Lawn Man 5, Jul 11, 2002.

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    I was just wondering if anyone has heard about this. And is it safe to use in diesel engins. somewon told me that it hardly has any fumes, and won't smoke. I recently called a local delivery service and they said that they would deliver it for 92 cents per gallon. I don't know if it is for on road use or not. I was planning to run it in a tractor. It is also made from miterials just from the us.
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    Farm equip and diesel mowers its fine to run in . As for trucks you need to upgrade a little bit to run it in the trucks such as new seals....that fuel has I think has a additive that will attack your rubber seals. But other than a few seals changed and possibly bigger injectors. I think its some sort of an extra tax right off for being a healthier fuel.
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    Out here we can buy soy at some stations at the pump same price as other diesel. Our 83 IH 9.0 Liter runs better and smoother on the soy than regular fuel. Better mileage and a mile or two faster and more power. The soy acts as a lubricant. I'm not sure about the comment about seals, that sounds like info meant for ethanol. Some people equate the two, but ethanol tends to dry things, where soy lubricates

    Doug Austreim

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