Soy vs. Corn

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Smallaxe, Oct 1, 2008.

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    I remember hearing about a concept of - starting a new lawn out on Corn Meal because it is easily digestted. As the soil microbe populations increased and the variety of microbes increased you would then apply Soybean Meal, because the lawn would now be able to turn that into plant food effectively.

    This concept if true would apply to using soil biology instead of mechanical processes to keep thatch under control. It doesn't appear that the idea of getting the correct microbes in the correct habitat to help digest thatch is a very common one.

    I would think the CT folks would have been interestted in this idea and would know what species and foodstuffs work best for thatch.

    If anyone out there has any insights or interesting articles on research that address soil biology and thatch, perhaps they could be shared here. :) Thanks for your help.
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    The, very old, trick in golf was to apply molasses for thatch, works like a charm. Gee I wonder how that works.....NOT. The degraders that are naturally there on the thatch get fed and their population go thru the roof
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    Smallaxe is thatch a big problem where your at? The only thatch problems I run into is when I pick up a neglected lawn. Usually one thatching, proper cutting, watering and fertilizing practices and thatch isn't a problem again.
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    I am fixing to sell an organic program as soon as I am ready to expand again. A program that is LESS expensive, MORE eco-friendly, BETTER looking than what people have in place now.
    Rather than plugging a new lawn in the fall I would start to increase the populations of the microherd in the spring.

    In a related issue: I am composting the ephemeral cones (male) of pine trees, in the hopes of topdressing over the top of them rather than cleaning them up. Turn them into fertilizer b4 they kill any grass. :)

    So to answer your question I suppose I could say that thatch is not so much a problem as aerating is. My lawns are not really a thatch issue, but - can they perform better?
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    I definately believe in the 'DEGRADERS" being naturally there. I also believe in the idea of feeding them will increase their populations, [adjusting for the limitting factor of water].

    So you are saying molasses is the best bet for feeding the microbes that are at work to recycle the nutrients of thatch?

    What is your take on the immature lawn requiring high-energy, low protien foodstuffs (corn) to begin with; then graduating to a high protien food (soymeal) as the wee beasties populate and diversify?

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