Sp mower on hills?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by mwalz, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. mwalz

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    Picked up a new account. Has a hill that I'm tired of trimming it every time. Going to sell my craftsman push mower. Not going to go buy a commercial 21" mower for occasional use. My question is how well do toro sp mowers work on hills? I will use it for other tight spots, but it isn't worth it to me to spend more that a couple hundred $. Found this and a few more like it:


    Or if you know of other models of any brand mower that works good on hills let me know. thanks for the input
  2. herler

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    Personally I don't care for electric start on small equipment because I'd rather have recoil, less worries about a mower that won't start...
    That having been said them kind of mowers is all I have, a Honda HRR which is residential, and a Murray Ultra 21"...

    May sound crude but one or two years out of that $200 mower is all you need, in terms of it paying for itself.
    Just take care of them, and don't use them except when needed.
    I paid $300 for mine but it is a Honda...
    The Murray a customer gave me, it wouldn't even run, still blows smoke and it's rickety but it runs when I need it.

    More than anything I like the self-propel, the Murray is pure push, either way but self propel is nice.
    I've had my HRR for 4-5 years now, despite around $140 or so in parts over the years it has more than paid for itself.
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  3. mwalz

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    And i want self propelled. Which if i can get at least 60 for my craftsman push i will be happy. At the moment i need something for that hill. I'm tires of spending 10-15 more mins on trimming because of it. It's eating in to my profit. Instead of taking 30 mins like it should it takes 45-hour.
  4. TPendagast

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    Ultimately, if you could find a TWO Cycle lawn boy or an old ransoms or something similar…. 2-cycle mowers will do all sorts of amazing things… light, quick easy to use AND literally mow upside down! (watch out for flipping over)

    here's the trick…personal pace mower is fine for occasional use, but its drive train isn't the best for any kind of strain…so it's likely to slip or fail with much in the way of hill use.

    but on flat land its fine.
  5. gebby

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    Say Hello to my little friend. Stihl 110. I don't even have a small mower (push mower) on my trailer anymore. No more trips back and forth to get the push mower. Few guys believe it but, on a hill, with a 4 foot swath, I can get done quicker, not have to worry about cutting my toes off. Over the last 3 years, I have found ways to get those hills done with my Z, then hit a few spots with my string trimmer. The net effect is quicker. looks just as nice, I'm not as tired and, I still have all of my toes.
  6. tundraman

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    Husqvarna makes an all wheel drive mower that may work for you.
  7. mpriester

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    if its no better than its high wheeled self propelled predecessor save your money
  8. mwalz

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    I've looked at them, but i just can't justify going buying a new one for what i will use it for. Hopefully one will show up used somewhere for a decent price.

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