SP vs. Lesco backpack sprayers

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ATVracer, Dec 8, 2006.

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    I'm facing a dilemma on which sprayer to get. There is no dealer near for the SP sprayers, and the Lesco is an hour away but I go in that area often. I think the Lesco backpack looks more generic so I want to get the SP. SP parts seem readily available on the internet, however I cannot find the SP3 for a reasonable price. I am leaning towards the SP1 which is a diaphragm pump. Will the SP1 do fine for normal weed control applications or should I spend the extra for an SP3 or one of the other SP models? I do not need a high pressure sprayer. How necessary is it to get a sprayer with agitation? The lesco sprayer is at least $40 cheaper than the SP....enough to rig an electric pump to it if that is possible.

    Also going to buy the Lesco roto-drop spreader...it seems more flexible since it drops and throws both. Anyone want to share their experiences with this spreader? I haven't been to the Lesco store yet but it looks like the spreader is about $450.
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    Here is where I get my SP S.
    I buy 3 at a time for $360

    The gravity fed with the ele motors are $65 each , come with no wand .

    For simple weed control , the SP 1 will work , unless it's a piston type.
    I only use the diaphram type

    Hope this helps
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    The Lesco backpacks are Solos. Personally, I like the Swissmex backpacks, and have always got great use out of the, There are several brands that use the Swissmex sprayers for their sprayers, and SP is one of them. Both their diaghram AND piston pump backpacks do well.

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