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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by LawnTamer, Jan 15, 2007.

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    Howdy all!
    I bought a Lesco Spacesaver last spring. Loved it. I used it for my first 3 rounds, then rinsed it out, ran clean water through it for about 30 min. and put it away. Got it out in the fall to do a few blanket sprays and it wouldn't pressure up, I noticed immediately and checked my oil res. I noticed milky white coming in and shut it down. Pump ran a total of less than a minute. So I tore into the pump and a diaphragm was torn, but here's the crappy part, there is a bunch of damage, a retaining ring broke in there and caused all sorts of scoring, about $130 in repair costs. I'm not sure but it looks to me like the ring tore the diaphragm, but it could have happened the other way around. Anyway Lesco says the warranty won't cover it. I think they should, if you were spraying and lost pressure, you couldn't have made it to your rig faster than I had it shut down. What good is the warranty? I don't mind replacing the diaphragms, I mean those are wear and tear items, but if they cause $130 of damage within 30 seconds of failure, carrying extras won't help.
    Anyone else have this problem? Did Lesco cover any of it? Is this a freak thing? or should I just replace them every 2 months?
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    Lawn Tamer

    What pressure are you spraying?????
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    I have had one for about 4 years and have never had to rebuild it. I know I'm on borrowed time. But that should not have happened. At the very least they should give you the repair parts to fix the thing out of good faith. It depends on you service center guys. Yours may be jerks,I don't know. You may have gone about it wrong to I don't know. I would not have touched the pump myself however, and brought it straight to them 1st. Its easier to establish that it had nothing to do with you if you get my drift. Sorry to here about it though.
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    I think you are right. In my pump, Hypro 230 or something like that--a 6 gal/min diaphragm pump--I figure the diaphragms last about a 50,000 gallons. I replace in July and December. I see no reason for a retaining ring to break. A few hours running with a leaking diaphragm is a common occurrence.
    Why did the failure occur at startup? Did you have RV anti-freeze in the system? Windshield washer solution? Was there ice in the system? That would definately cause major strain--did it freeze at any time? Was the oil level at its proper level, (until the diaphragm failure. I mean)?
    The diaphragms should be worn equally. They usually fail in a circle around the 1 inch diameter metal collar ring. I have never seen a "torn" diaphragm like you describe. Discuss it with a qualified pump mechanic. Or a hypro competitor like Udor.
    On the other hand $130 isn't bad for a pump repair bill.
  5. RigglePLC

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    Was pump disassembled earlier and put back together wrong, or without tightening the bolts properly?
  6. LawnTamer

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    Thanks for the speedy input.
    The pump never froze- I rinsed it out over 4th of July and got it out again in early Sept, so it never would have dropped below 50 deg. As far as pressure, we were doing lawn apps so pressure was always super low, just a few PSI. The diaphragm isn't worn evenly, just has a hole in the top edge. I think I need to go to my Lesco dealer. When the pump failed I was helping my brother who lives a few hrs. away, we took it to the closest Lesco - they are the ones that said they don't cover pumps. I think I'd better take it to my Lesco dealer where I spend $20k/yr and see what they say.
    BTW the $130 was for parts only.
    Anyone had a retainer clip break in the pump?
  7. teeca

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    i'd almost say it was difective from the start, or assembled wrong, i use the heck out of the d30 and d50 pumps and have only to replace the diaphrams, and one pressure regulator, and the valves on the d50 (thousands of hrs use), you need to keep the spring/shaft lubed, or it will stick on high pressure, opps. anyway i cant see the the d403 on the space saver be any less durable.
  8. RigglePLC

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    And by the way, was it protected by a suction side filter with the screen in place so that no foreign object could have gotten into the diaphragm area? Was the screen plugged? Exactly what retaining ring broke? Was there any residue plugging up the return line? Or residue blocking valves or bypass regulator? Was the weed killer ester or amine? Something corrosive? Was pump run dry? Did you forget to open the main valve? Is the reduction gear box filled to the overflow plug with 90 wt gear oil?
    They might ask you these questions.

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