Spacing residential rotors more than 40' feet

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by ArTurf, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. Wet_Boots

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    let's see, 42 x 82, use 23-foot radius low-angle rotors, shoot the corners, screw the head-to-head spacing, and you get six half-circle heads and one full-circle :p

    (and count the seconds before Kiril's head explodes)
  2. Irrigation Contractor

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    We really like them allot and maybe I am misunderstanding your flow?

    To cover 42' your would need to use a black #4 nozzle and have 40 psi at the head. They use about a gallon more than RB says they do, so you would get 3 heads and at the most 4 on the zone. For me, that is just cutting it too close since we design to use 85% max of what the water supply is putting out.

    It is possible if you go by the numbers, I just hate worry about whether it is going work until we turn the water on:hammerhead:

    I am really interested to hear the outcome and you will really like the 5500 when you get a chance to use it. RB's new price on it makes it even better, plus the 3/4 swing joints save a little coin too.
  3. ArTurf

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    If I was to space these heads at 42' I would at least use the #5 nozzle and only put 2 heads per zone. Not sure if I would use the 5500 on this job. It probably would work but may just go with shorter spacing in the name of efficiency.
  4. muddywater

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    I have had 5004s do 50' on the rim of a retention pond. I did another job the other the same way you are talking. #4 nozzles for 42' at 45psi at the head. I had a 40x40 lawn and just used 4 rotors. I got the idea from one of kiril's post.
  5. ArTurf

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    So the #4's covered the 40' without dry spots?
  6. muddywater

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    It was head to head irrigation, installed zoysia sod and it is thick and beautiful.

    Had good pressure and flow, valve was 10' from meter.
  7. greendoctor

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    Square spaced rotors with the right size nozzles and verified adequate volume/pressure can do that. On the rare occasions that I am installing from scratch, that is how I space heads with a 10% derate for wind. I often run into systems where rotors are spaced like impacts assuming 100% coverage from head to end. So they are placed diagonal of each other, two heads in a square or rectangle. :hammerhead: Good way to kill a lawn in an area that only gets 20" of rain per year in a 365 day growing season.

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