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Spacing throtle sticks out???


LawnSite Senior Member
I just installed my new deluxe suspension seat on my Toro and man is that thing nice. It really takes the hard knocks out. I haven't cut a lawn yet, but I did run over my back yard that happens to be very rough. My dog's love to dig holes.

However, now I sit up just a little higher and now when I pull the sticks to me, it;s like they are right on my legs now. So while I was sitting on the mower I was thinking of getting some spacers fabed up to space the sticks off the pieces it's connected to. Has anyone else done this too for you guys who have a wide stance? I don't see any complications to the mower, and everything looks like it will be fine mechanically. Then only draw back would be that the sticks when pulled too will not be almost touching like they are now. Sometimes I like to drive with one hand.