Spam, same thing as flyers?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by olderthandirt, Mar 12, 2005.

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    No one like spam on this site or any other site. Sean does not allow it and neither do any other forums becouse its taking away advertising dollars. So how about fliers and post cards what is the diff? I have seen so many packed in paper boxes that the paper boy would have a heck of a time fitting in the paper. The post office is not receiving any revenue from them! And even mailings, postcards there unsolicited also. From a customers point of view would you want your paper box or door stuffed with solicitations? and although the USPO is getting revenue when you do a mailing its still junk mail that someone did not ask for. So if you hate getting spam why would you be interested in someone who stuffs fliers in your paper box or hangs them from your door or for that matter sends them through the mail. I know why the practice happens just wanted to know did any of you think how the home owner views this practice?

  2. Envy Lawn Service

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    This is the same reason I don't do residential cold calls, door hangers, ect...

    In my opinion this is very invasive.
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    In residential I go by referral only!If you get in an area,your work IS the salesman!
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    I pretty much feel the same way about junk mail as I do spam. Usually I trash all of the junk mail. However even junk mail advertising has a bit more legitimacy than spam, IMO. And every once in a while something does catch my eye via junk mail that I'd consider. Besides which, an email address is not a public knowledge address. Anyone can figure out your mailing address, you expect to get mail advertisments. Your email should be a bit more private, imo.

    Still, mailing and distribution earns about a 1% return, which means SOMEONE is paying attention. I expect the same is true about spam.
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    I'm 22, thank god I don't have a kid and I still attend college. I decided to start getting into the lawncare and landscaping industry because it's in the service sector of business types. The overhead is extremely low and start-up is extremely minimal. So far I've worked for every reference in the same respect. I said something out loud and the person thought and asked me a question.
    I haven't ever paid anyone to do my flyers and it's friggin snowing in chicago and Ive already had a couple customers sign on. It's pretty exiciting for me becuase it means that maybe one day I won't have to be a drone like at my part time job for BIG BROWN
    I honestly just want to work and manage a small firm where my employees could one day have insurance and that we all could make a nice living working about ten months a year. believe it or not but I'll make it.
    Flyers get me paid, it is pretty annoying but they get responses.
  6. stumper1620

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    seeing as to how MAC is one of the most helpful guys on here.
    I suggest You watch that bad opinion you have, When you have a Question to ask (and you will) It might not get the results you expect.
  7. stumper1620

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    Imagine that!
    26 post and 75%+ Questions. Whoever would've thought.
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    You have brought up a very good point. I admitt, I never thought of fliers like spam. But it is I guess. You're right about most homeowners not likeing it. I know I don't care much for junk mail even though it's not much of a bother. I hate phone calls, thank GOD for the do not call list. Spam I hate. It slows down my whole computer. Juck e-mail is a real pain going through deleting it all. But next to the phone calls I think spam is the worst. I have used fliers in the past and got a real good response to them. Not one complanit. I am using them very little this year. In a couple of neighborhoods I'd like to get started in. Once you get started in a neighborhood and do quality work that sells itself.
  9. Mo Green

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    Good point. I never really put the two in the same category, but I can see how they could be. I only put out a small amount of flyers. Usually I put them on houses that i would like to service, in neighborhoods in which I already work.
    For me, when I get junk mail, I give it a quick look and trash it if its not intereting to me.
  10. Littleriver1

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    I get junk mail every day. I get spam every day. The two are no way near the same thing. They both end up in the same place. Think about how you feel when you open your mail box and find junk from credit cards, water filters, computer manufacturers, and lawn care. Email is much more personal. It's like being violated. Spam just sucks. Door hangers may be a PITA for some home owners, but nothing like spam. I always have that little four letter word on my lips when I get spam, but not so with door hangers or junk mail. I don't use direct mail or door hangers but I can see how it might help. There have been studies on the return on direct mail and door hangers since the 1950's and the news is very good for the users. I do not understand why anyone would try to discourage the use of direct mail or door hangers. Everyone has to use the type of advertising that works for them. Use the tools you have and your brain is the best tool God gave you.

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