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    I am getting SLAMMED with bogus e-mails in my Yahoo mail account that is linked to my yahoo based website. It's almost all "returned mail" "undeliverable mail" etc... from postmaster@.... or mailer-deamon@........ I was marking them all as spam, but the more I do that, the worse it's getting. From 11:00 last night to 8:00 this morning I had 476 new messages, all bogus. My bulk file was catching almost all the junk, but it's like someone found a way around this. Since they're all from a different address, spam isn't able to block them. Here's the weird part. There's a lawn care supplier that sends out periodic e-mails. I won't get anymore specific than that, but I'm getting return e-mails from their clients?? Is this all on my end, is it something Yahoo hasn't figured out yet, is anyone else having this problem. I don't have time to delete 500 e-mails a day. Thanks for any help, Marc
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    I was getting some emails last night that appeared as if I accidentally was included on a CC recipients list. It looked a bit out of the ordinary once various replies bounced back and forth. I hadn't blocked it yet, hoping it would halt. My email is not a Yahoo - at least not that email.

    It seems like spammers would get so little business from the type of advertising that they try, that it may be comparable to the people standing with cardboard signs at the street corners. Although, I'd guess that that the pan handlers make much more than the spammers.
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    That's a lot of what I'm getting, not so much spam, but it's more returned e-mail, but it's being misdirected into my inbox. 108 since this morning. Some of it's in foreign language, it's crazy. It almost is virus-like. I'm scared!
  4. MStine315

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    Alright, I finally got p.o.'d enough and called Yahoo. They actually answered the phone, and the call center person actually spoke english. What a concept. Anyway, what I had to do was enable (or disable) my catch-all mailbox. What was happening was they were addressing e-mails to whatever name they picked, at my domain, instead of "marc@...." Now, the only e-mails I will get in my inbox will be those addressed to me directly. Hopefully this will help anyone else who is unfortunate enough to have to deal with this.
  5. MStine315

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    This is wierd, I was getting stuff from that site with your name on it!! I think these are unrelated issues, i.e. the majority of my issue was with spammers, and this other website we're talking about was a secondary thing. I hope someone at P.I.G. figures something out. I got 14 e-mails this afternoon just regarding that!
  6. mdvaden

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    I almost started blocking out the replies, but didn't, because that would have made me block out a lot of you folks permanently.
  7. topsites

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    You could just block, from the incoming mail end of things mailer_daemon and postmaster at When you get into your Y! mail account, it's on the far right side there is a link called Options (near the top, far right), then there are some options lol and one of them is Block Addresses

    I would then check your hosting end of things, the postmaster / mailer_daemon bounce is a silly trick, but I don't remember what causes / fixes it ...
    I do know on my system, I go to the control panel and then email settings and Aliases <- that's what you look for, is aliases.
    And it is configured like so:
    Alias // Email or User
    MAILER-DAEMON // postmaster
    postmaster // root
    site_blackhole // /dev/null
    root // webmaster
    catch-all // site_blackhole

    dunno if that helps or makes sense, but /dev/null is linux's trashcan, note the catch_all goes to site-blackhole then to dev/null.

    Worst case, if it's a paid domain (meaning Yahoo bills you), their customer support service is excellent towards paid customers.
  8. MStine315

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    Thanks topsites. So far, the catchall thing is working, but I'll keep all this info. in mind. Yahoo was awesome in supporting me. Yes I'm a paying customer, as they host my webpage, but for $12.70 a month it's all worth it. Thanks again.
  9. Jake Wolf

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    Using a contact form with a CAPTCHA (the hard to read numbers and letters to verify you are a real person) really helps keeps down spam. The other alternative is writing your email address as yourname (at) yourdomain dot com.
  10. freshfitz

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    yahoo's the worst for spam. Don't put the link actual link to the email on the site and the spider's won't pick it up something like (jon at or space it jon @ or use a request info style form im me if you need help with anything

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