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    Thanks for the tips!
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    Spam has just become an unbelievable problem since last fall, the volume has gone through the roof. You made a BIG mistake with an "open" catch all. Those should always be set to "fail" or "no such address" depending on your controls.
    BUT most hosts are now running more & more sophisticated anti-spam programs because somehow these jerks figured out how to get by all the old anti-spam programs by just a hair.

    NEVER POST YOUR REGULAR E-MAIL IN A FORUM LIKE THIS in the body of a post or any such "clear" thing on-line. They have robotic programs that "crawl" every post on every forum or eBay account or anyplace somebody might have posted an e-mail address, looking for anything with a "@" in it. That's what a yahoo or hotmail or other free account is good for. You can us it in a forum or such then change it when you start getting tons of spam. For your real e-mail keep it in your profile. Most forums have a place for your contact info that is too hard for the robots to find. Also most good-high traffic forums (probably this one) have robots blocking files to keep out known spam robots.

    On your web site put a contact form or a "e-mail here" link rather than the address or best is to use what's called an obfuscater (more difficult to do but not terrible) which makes your e-mail look like gibberish to the robots but people can read it.

    Even so by February it had got SO bad that even I had the most state of the art type anti-spam/anti-virus set-up available installed. I was astounded-shocked-couldn't believe it-etc.
    I don't have that many e-mails but immediately the "system" started bouncing ~5,000 spam mails a day. It bounces so many I can log into the mail server and enter a command to watch it and just sit and watch as it bounces mail after mail, when an auto-spam program hits they come so fast you can't even read them. A "slow" day is about 2,500.

    Bottom line is if your host (or ISP if that's the mail you are using) doesn't have strong anti-spam or if you have been posting your "business" e-mail all over other sites you visit you are seeing what the whole world is... a huge increase in spam messages.
    I will also note some hosts and ISP's have gone a bit too far and thus some legitimate mails get bounced because their "filters" are too strict. Also some have "white lists" so if their strict filters block mail you want you can go to your white list and enter something like * and it would let any mail from lawn site come through or if you entered only mail from Joe would come through.

    Also it's common for them (these guys have got good) to "forge" e-mails so if they get your e-mail they may send a million that "look" like they come from you but really come from Russia or someplace. (Why the other person here would get a spam that looked like it was from you) That's one thing today's anti-spam programs look for is that the "real" sender is who it "says" it's from.
    If thy get yours from a forum like this and has others from here it will use them to fake e-mails to each other since there is the chance you would know the person from the forums.

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