Spanish phrases for the Landscaping Industry

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Should take "Spanish Phrases for the Landscape Industry" book off site?

  1. Yes, Take the book off the site

  2. I don't care either way

  3. No I believe if used properly it should be made available

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    Our overall US economy and political stability is very dependant on what happens in the world. If we only were able to produce gasoline from oil we procure within our borders, imagine the cost !!! The key to cultural, political and economic understanding is language.

    In the small world of cutting 75 lawns a week, it is easy to choose not to do business with or hire legal aliens that struggle with English. On a national scale we have to deal with it. Having said that, I think that we really do need to make English the official language of government. Translating adds too much ambiguity. We have enought contract problems and legal issues that arise from differring opinions in English. If we allow Spanish, for example to be a legal language in the courts, the results will be disastrous.

    My experiance has been that by the second generation, other languages disappear and English dominates. If we stop illegal immigration the problem should correct itself.

    I think the issue is illegal immigration not Spanish.

    I would get the book if I needed it.
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    And this is a great way to look at it rather than thinking you are getting bashed.
    Good for you.

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