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    I would like to purchase a back up wheel for a Mini Z with which I could install a spare tire onto. I have recently messed up the tire which is on my Mini Z and it has cost me a great deal of business. It has taken me close to a week to get a replacement tire. I have patched the bad tire and have purchased a tube for it. I plan to use it as a back up spare tire and only as that since its not 100%. I know that the tire is made by Carlisle but who makes the wheel? My dealer has recommended that I go somewhere else to buy replacement tires (I respect and appreciate his honesty, he simply can’t offer a good price in comparison to a tire dealer), I am afraid it may be a similar case when it comes to the wheel.

    PJ, can you let me know of a good source or manufacturer of wheels which will work with my Mini Z? What do people normally use for a spare ?


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    We buy the tire already mounted on the wheel from our supplier.
    I am not sure who makes the wheel.
    You can buy the wheel right from your dealer.
    We do not use anything special in regards to a tire or wheel, I don't know why it would take a week for you to get a tire.


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