Spare Tires


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I have one now!!!!!!!!!!! I just let it lay on the trailer for now til I get a bracket made. Had so many flats last summer and one shredded tire that left me stranded..........I found one!



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Mine's kept right in the front of the trailer underneath the lower shelf.


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Homer, instead of spending for a custom job, check out one of the chain-store marine supply places if any in your area. Here we have a couple [West Marine is one] and they have a ready made bracket to bolt on the tongue shaft or wherever else you can put it. All my trailers have spares on them after an experience better left undiscussed.


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I never had one, but after seeing another LCO yesterday barreling down the highway with one wheel on his tandem axle trailer shedding bits of tire and rim sparking on the concrete I think Ill stop by the used tire place this am and pick one up.


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I must admit, I've been sliding by without one since I bought my last new traylor.
I use a pro plug kit. Saved me numerous times.
Also, if you can get away with it, a single axle traylor will get less than half of the flats and the tires will last up to three times longer than a tandem axle traylor. Constant sharp turns on a tandem axle traylor is what kills tread.

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I carry a spare for my trailer as well, but it seems i get plenty of use out of my tire plugging kit than anything else, i can never seem to see all those little things that jab into my mower tires on the street or mostly in the lawn so i keep plugs and an air tank & gauge for on the site repair.


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I went out one for about 8 years. Never had a flat. Finally decided to get one and about a week later I got a flat. I lay mine down in the front of the trailor. Take an hour and go get one. You will be glad you did.


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I keep one of those small emergency tires on my trailer in case of a flat. never used it so far.



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Looking out in the driveway this morning notice rear tire flat, need to replace and get spare today. SEE WHAT YOU DID TO ME!!!!

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