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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Grasscape Inc, Jul 2, 2000.

  1. Grasscape Inc

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    We allways left our spark arrestors on. I took one off the stihl, and now there is oil everywhere on it after the day is done. We are using the correct mix. Does anyone use REd Max equipment w/o the arrestor. Does it mess with the motor by changing the back pressure? Is it ok to take them off, and leave them off?
  2. Prime Seasons

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    Man, I took off the arrestors on our stihl products (trimmers, blower, chain saw). You probably already know that once they get clogged, the motor(s) just don't run well. I would hazard to say you will see a little more oil near the exhaust but not by the end of the regular day's use. Could you possibly have need for a new set of rings/piston/jug? That certainly would account for a messy machine after a 12 hour day.<p>Can't give you feed back on Red Max cuz I don't have any. Will probably buy stick edger & a new straight shaft string trimmer next season, though, based on conversations i have had and things i have read about them. All very positive.<p>Hope this is of value.<p>gus
  3. bob

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    I take them off every thing, including my Red Max 6200 blower and have had no problems. Do a search and you'll find an earlier disscusion on this topic.
  4. trimmer

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    I run sthils and took of the arrestors and they spray oil all over too and there new I talked to the dealer and he told me that the mix wasn't correct I know that isn't the problem I think he need to adjust the carb for me. Whatever!
  5. All Green

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    I took mine off echo 2400 edger could not keep it clean every 10 days or so it would clog i cut back on my mix of oiljust a little ajusted carb works a little better but i get a small amount of oil still my macanice say it will harm engine sooner or latter. I sell mine after 2 years or just use it as a back up

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