spaying with an ATV

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mlc4163, Jul 29, 2003.

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    I use a quad for spot spraying with a 14 gallon Fimco tank that connects to the battery with alligator clips. The tank mounts on the rear carry rack and is held in place with bungie cords. The Quad is a Honda 250 Recon. Would be nicer if automatic tranny. Used mostly for parking lots and fencelines.
  2. No comparison to aerating...So "like aerating" does not work.

    There is no cheap substitution for the spray rig, you still need a tank to carry water. 14-25 gallons aint going to make it all day.

    I said "1" gear not first gear.

    Nothing beats a spray rig that can apply 2 gallons per 1000. It is actually more versatile in the lawn care biz than an ATV.

    You will make more money with a skid sprayer than you will with an ATV.

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    are you spraying a little or everyday how many liquid apps do u make. i have sprayed with just about anything that will work however there are many factors do you spray large areas or small homes?
    i have sprayed with a quad it sucked i had a 25gal tank and 6ft spray boom very hard to keep even speed applications were not very good plus not very maneuverable. i also have a 200 gal skid sprayer cheaper than a good quad and more professional
    but it had limitation's to. a backpack sprayer will work for smaller homes and is very cheep. i now have a ford E-350 stretched van
    with a 100 gal tank and a lesco ride on sprayer i can fill up the tank and put 1000lb. of bag material and my ride on sprayer all inside plus a lesco push spreader and a backpack sprayer
    i highly recommend a ride on sprayer it is very accurate and u waste less product i have cut my application times by 1/4 and can do more homes in a day i love that machine. go ride one see 4 u self
    if you want a toy buy the quad if you want to make money buy a sprayer meant to do just that spray.
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    I've been thinking the ATV route too, but I know I would just be using it to play with instead of work:D .- I also thought about buying a used golf cart and turning it into a spray rig. But I've thought about enough to know that what LGF is saying is right. A skid sprayer is the way to go. That will be my next big purchase.
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    Someone mentioned an ATV would tear up the turf if turning too fast but in my experience, at least with solid axel quads (all but the models with IRS), the rear tires turn at the same rate of speed no matter how fast you are going. ATVs tear up turf very easily in many ways if you are not careful. The trick is not to slow down, but to make broader turns. This makes it less maneuverable and therefore not the best option for use as a spraying rig unless you can do it in wide-open areas. Not trying to discourage you. Just wanted to bring this to the light before you spend $3200 - $7500 on an atv for the purpose of spraying. But its OK. We all know why you really want it! You don't have to justify to us (we're not yer wife). Got for it and ride it like you stole it! (but wear a helmet)
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    I had to spray the weeds in the parking lot of a local community college. I put a 25 gallon tank in the back of my gator and had a friend drive me around while I sprayed. We covered a lt of ground in a short amount of time.

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    I bet all of these Quads are a deduction...gets me thinking
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    2002 prairie 650 4x4 100% writeoff. Wheelies better than my stander.
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    i can see were the atv has it's place in the application friend got a spray tank kit from northern parts and heuses it for round up in parking lots...
    i wonted to use it for fungicide applications but never did....

    if you are into this application business a ride-on spreader and applicate....also buy the atv and enjoy yourself...

    i feel that if you are going to use an atv for lawns it should be an auto trans...
  10. Planet Landscaping

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    The most fun "tool"(writeoff) I have.

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