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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by nlminc, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. nlminc

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    What are your opinions about the year ahead as far as people spending money on decent size landscape projects? I'm talking projects 15k and +.

    Here's a call I went out on last week...
    The front yard has a right of way for GA Gas and their main Gas Line serving the area....Always appealing! Do you think I should call before digging? LOL!

    Okay...well spend some time going over the major grade issued this property has in the front yard. The grade is higher from the Gas Line to the foundation of course. So, before I even give a ball park price I hear. " I'm ready for you to start right away, but I'm unemployed"!

    Do I have to profile over the phone by asking if they are employed?

    I hope 2010 improves!
  2. GrazerZ

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    One question I now always ask is, "What is your budget?" then I wait. if they need a bit of prodding I will ask them if they are looking to spend 1-5k, over10k etc. Of course these are usually jobs in the 5-10k range. I refuse to spend 10 hrs holding a customers hand, designing etc unless its warranted. It is a tough balance though. If they don't have a job, I would probably ask why are they considering the work? I'm simply tired of being played. A customer who is serious will usually respect that. Maybe shes out of touch, or maybe,probably, shes looking to chump ya.
  3. White Gardens

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    There are a few people still out there looking to spend money on larger projects in our area. The problem is just finding these people.

    Luckily I've got a few smaller projects, some calls already for this season for estimates and site analysis, and one potentially large project in the works.

    We'll see what happens. Last year I thought I had work lined up, but a lot of them backed out or put the project on hold. Took a little bit to scramble and try to line up more work.

    I've built a bit of a maintenance base the last couple of years too, so I've got that work in the spring.
  4. glaciator

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    They are out there. I just missed the sale on a 117K landscape project. The wife liked the other guys design better, so he got it. That's how it goes. That said, I have a 60K job coming up, and the season hasn't started yet. I'm cautiously optimistic and will hold hiring employees back until the last minute.
  5. rexxxy

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    yes patiently wait.. did the fox for his prey..jump he may, but is today the day..ineed to goto bed.. anyone that is good at what they do and are not in debt will be busy this year.. too many ppl are going to be so anxious with the first little jobs that they will snowball down the hill fast..i think patience and a smile go a long way
  6. allinearth

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    In my area I think the big juicy projects of years past will be slim to none. I think people are gonna spend on smaller improvements.
  7. AGLA

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    You have to remember that most landscape jobs are as a result of some other project - new house, addition, septic repair,.... Very few people see an ad or flier for landscaping and decide to have a makeover because of it.

    Until those other things are happening on a regular basis again, things are going to be quiet. Its like trying to sell a comb to a bald guy.

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