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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by South Florida Lawns, Aug 16, 2011.

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    They maintain the local center median strip through town for the past maybe 5 yrs. Now I see their trucks with new logo's and its called Mainscape, they did the same good quality of work then stopped all together and every things 3ft tall.

    Not that I idolize big companies but this is the road I drive on every morning, so you get familiar with what goes on.
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    I am just the Opposite of Idolizing big companies. I had the Big Show offering just about everything from Sod & Landscape install to Irrigation, Pest and mowing, etc. By percentage of Return on Investment, I am 5 times better off as a one man band offering just pest control. Sure my total bottom line isn't as big, but My stress level is non existent now.

    Whether it is Villa, Valley Crest or Bicker etc all the big boys work on volume at very low margins. IMHO they work themselves into a trap of under bidding the Low Baller just keep the work. Any volume discounts they get are in fact passed on to the customer. While just a small redo or call back can cost the entire profit from that contact. Back during the real good times when the money flowed, Artistry a top 100 company in my area under bid me on a 2 pallet sod replacement job by 50 %. Because it was a Patch job with a piece here and piece there, I bid $ 400 a pallet with Tear Out. Artistry Bid $ 195 a pallet.
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    Mainscape has been around for awhile chances are they were called through the bond company.
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    VC has taken over the roads controlled by Villa near me this year. Mainescape pulled the HOA across the way and they seem to be doing a overall good job so far...but this HOA has had 4 different contractors in 3 years so I do not expect to see them long.

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