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    Hello all. My name is Patrick and I own/operate Accurate Cut Lawn Care in Colorado. I wanted to say thank you to David Cook and Josh at Lawn Solutions in Kentucky and tell all here they are great people to deal with, as we are ordering a walk-behind aerator from them. They answered all of our our questions on pricing and shipping, as well as my fiance's questions regarding finanacing details. I was thinking "wow!" a new machine that will make aerations easier. So if you're reading this and want a good company to deal with, give them a try www.lawnsolutionscp.com -- They have more than aerators. Be sure to check the video of their Wb hydro aerator; it will get you thinking of what could be accomplished in a day with it.

    Hi, this is the Jan (the fiance'). OH NOOO!!! Not another machine! But this aerator and the guys at Lawn Solutions are exceptionally different. I personally didn't speak much with David, but working out a financing plan with Josh, I can honestly say that Josh and this company worked very hard to make it easy and relatively painless (ha, ha) to own one of their machines. I agree with Patrick, if you're in need of any new piece of major lawn equipment, check then out. P.S. Neither one of us were paid for our comments!
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