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    Our business is to reduce the chances of your trailer becoming a negative statistic. At least 10 BILLION dollars worth of trailers and contents are stolen every year in the USA. Our locks are unique...we have the Patents. Very...Very tuff to defeat. Please view...www.trailerlocksonline.com... and "see" what we mean by very...very difficult to defeat. It takes time and either very special skills or very very special equipment to overcome our trailer locks. Check us out. www.trailerlocksonline.com It takes time.... no matter how you intend to defeat our locks. www.trailerlocksonline.com check us out....see how these locks "work". Very special trailer locks.

    Ken Gustafson
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    I like the idea on the dabull locks, but I can already see how easy it would be to defeat this lock. Why on earth would you use any kind of aluminum, whether it be cast or not for the sleeve? Is the piece that is bent that the hitch ball is on made out of aluminum too? All you would need to do is take a battery operated sawzall and cut right though the sleeve and the bracket that holds the ball just infront of the coupler but behind the lock. Lock end pops off and then pull the rest of the sleeve off and release the ball.
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    Wanted to give everyone and update to my original reply to this thread. I've had the privilege to meet Ken (through emails) from GusHill Industries, the manufacturer of these trailer locks. He is really passionate about his company and the products they produce. One thing I like about him, like me, he tells it how it is and doesn't come off as a "sales person".

    After talking to him for the past couple of weeks, I've actually had the opportunity to test the DaBull lock #2516, which is the coupler lock for the 2 5/16" bulldog couplers. While I was able to defeat this lock using the method I mentioned above, it took me 3 minutes and 7 seconds to cut through it, which was longer than my initial estimate. I video taped my test and have about a 6 page word document about my test and the results for this product. If anyone is interested in reading about this test, shoot me a pm or email me an I'll send you the document.

    I will post a thread in the not too distant future about my test, but just wanted to give an update for now. I highly encourage you to check out GusHill Industries and their products and talk to Ken with any questions or concerns with their locks. They offer a variety of quality products, so check them out.

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