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specializing = a lot more $$$ and anyone could do it


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Sounds like someone could make a business only specializing in shrub and plant trimming or mulching or just bed clean out.

You ever notice that when you call for a specialist it cost twice as much??
A handy-man can change a toilet but call a plumber and its a lot more money same with a dentist can pull a tooth but go to an orthodontist a lot more money.

I think an ad in the Phone book saying that you Specialize in bed cleaning only or that you specialize in Mulching of flower beds only
would generate a lot of calls and a good sales person could make a potential customer understand that the cost would be more than the lco that was a jack of all trades
Opinions, comments, flaming, whats you all think :help:


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I think that specializing is a key to making good money in this business. The guy who mows the small residentials, large commercials, and does everything for them is often, not always, wasting a lot of money making time.

With the mulching situation, you would make extra money in several ways.

1. You may be able to charge more.
2. You are more efficient/faster and can handle more or larger properties
3. You can get materials at a discount

Sometimes it is best to do one thing and to do it well.

hole in one lco

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rocky river ohio
we have a guy that all he will do is bed work . he will not do mowing , fertilization, walls just beds he is at 29.00 hour so hes got all the work he can handle


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denver, co
We have stopped mowing some large properties, outbid! Howevr the new guys are terrible pruner/shapers. Our profit on tree and shrub maintenance is 3x our mowing. I was hesitant to commit to only pruning, but it has "paid off" nicelypayup


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Tontitown, AR
Mac, I have considered that very thing. In my area there are very few companies who will do this work for residential or small commercial accounts, and frequently they are charging far more than most homeowners are willing to pay. I'm talking about the major players here in the lawn business, those who run multiple crews and do most of the high profile installs. "Sure, Ma'am, we can handle the job. It will cost you an arm and a leg." I don't fault their rates, they are set up for large jobs and the expense goes on, even when sending someone out for a small job.

You have to make a fair investment for equipment, trailers, and the trucks capable of towing it around to be a mowing contractor. But you could do bed maintenance out of a compact pickup, with no large power equipment needed.

I would think a beds-only guy could clear more per hour than someone whose mowing equipment sits on a trailer while they do bed maintenance... so it might even be possible to clear more while charging a lower hourly rate, if that is necessary to bring in the business.

What do think?


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you can have a consolidated group made up of specialists. someone calls the company # asking for mulch... mulch lco goes out. they call same # wanting mowing. mow lco assigned to that part of town goes out, and so on. even if youre not charging more... youre working more efficiently, not switching out equipment, less driving, and just from more experience in that specialty, you become quicker.

i spoke with local nursery owner today at lunch about this idea... he said it would never happen (locally at least) he said it would work without a doubt, but the lawnboys dont have that kind of mentality. i agreed and told him thats why i get equipment so cheap. he :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

i know youre a smart biz man, mac. :waving: