Specific Mulch and Edging Itemization on Estimate Questions???

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Buddha92SLC, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Buddha92SLC

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    I'm entering my 5th year in business and I seem to be getting almost all the mulch install jobs I bid. That is great because it keeps me busy and gets my name out there, but I'm wondering if I'm not charging enough. When I typically bid a job I itemize everything so that my customers know what they are getting charged for. For example

    Cost of Mulch Material = $30 cu. yd. (Avg price for mulch in eastern PA)
    Delivery = $50 (Avg price of what I've paid in the past few yrs)
    Mulch Installation = $35 per cu. yd (used to charge $30 but thought it was too cheap)
    Flower bed edging with bed edger = $0.50 per linear ft.
    Flower bed edging with spade = $1.00 (I think this is too low because of the amount of time it takes to do it properly)
    Machine Rental = $53 day

    My questions are...

    Are you fellow owners putting the cost of the mulch material and labor to install in one price?

    Do you charge separately for flower bed edging, or does the $65 for mulch material and installation include the edging?

    Should I take a hit and absorb the cost of the rental? I will typically schedule a bunch of flower bed edging jobs on the same day so I can charge each customer less for the rental.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Mulch $95 delivered and installed. Edging $1.25 per foot we hand edge and remove all edging.
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  3. lukemelo216

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    We dont go into that much detail.

    Ours is this

    Hardwood Brown Mulch (CY Installed) 5 yards $60.00 $300.00
    Flower Bed Edging (Per Linear Foot) 200 feet $1.10 $220.00

    This is in a spread sheet so its all nice and organized and the headings state service, quantity, unit price, total price.
  4. FLCthes4:11-12

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    I wish I could get ya'lls install prices on mulch. I just had 30yds black delivered for $20 per yard. Wish I could get $90 a yard installed.
  5. Coastal Lawn Maintenance

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    Hell don't we all wish we could get 90 a install. Best I can do is about 65 installed
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  6. Buddha92SLC

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    So most of you keep the edging costs of the flower beds seperate from the mulch?
  7. TurnerLawn&Landscape

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    Heres how my invoice would look:

    5-----Yards of Double Shredded Died Black Mulch-------$60--------------$300
    Labor ------$250------------$250

    I only itemized materials, or rentals. Delivery fee is including in the labor cost and markup of mulch. I never disclose amount of hours pertaining to labor unless I am asked. I used to list exactly how many hours and @ what rate, but the invoices i was getting from service industry companies weren't disclosing their hourly rates, so now im not either.

    Be sure to include if you are proposing an estimate, that the price you are giving them IS ONLY AN ESTIMATE AND MAYBE SUBJECT TO CHANGE!
  8. Mahoney3223

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    No sh*t! Around here we get around 50 installed

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    I would never charge under $75 a yard, $75 is almost unheard of but some folks don't prefer an edged look.... With manual edging (using spade shovel leaving a VERY CRISP EDGE), removal of weeds and any debris I charge $100 per yard up to 20 Yards. Then it will go down from there.... Another way of going about it is this, I was just given this suggestion from another large company in my area: In addition to costs per day (labor, materials, etc...) add another $600-800 so your company is clearing that much a day. That is what I will be using for my 45 yd job I'm currently working on. I'm located in Baltimore, Md
  10. RGM

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    I add 10 per yard to the of mulch and charge 50 per from the time i get to the yard to pick up mulch till I'm done

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