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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by PurpHaze, May 20, 2007.

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    I'm working on some 2-wire specifications as to how we'd like valves set with decoders. I don't like the word "manifold" for this situation because then we'd get valves squeezed into boxes when we specify "1 valve per box" on all our contracts except when it comes to the Hunter WVC system. I'm leaning towards the word "pod" instead. Take a look and let me know if there's a better word to use in specifications.

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    Can't help you with this specific question but i want to throw in a thought. i realize you guys will have accurate records as to valve locations but my understanding is you will not be able to 521 those valves if they get lost. Wouldn't it be wise to use a valve box or something that will show up with a metal detector? It seems like I saw a product that will allow coded markers in each box and will register on a detector as to the one you have located.
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    This is a pod Hayes:


    I'd go with "Valve Grouping"
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    I gave that some thought also. However, this thread would then be subject to "groupies" postings. :)
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    Actually, I don't have asbuilts on our four newest schools. Nobody seems to think they're important.

    I've wanted to see the "ball markers" locating in use as they seem quite interesting.

    In some cases we use rectangle B-9 Christy boxes with cast iron lids for valve boxes in heavy traffic areas or where we keep losing them. We also use the G-5 round box for resilient wedge isolation valves and F-8 boxes for gate valves (both with cast iron lids) and then can use our good metal detector to find them if lost.
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    Only a few of us would know what these pods truly are for.

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    That movie scared a lot of kids away from their veggies.
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    I thought it was "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" that led to the decline in veggie eating. :)
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    Ok, your graphic looks like one decoder to 5 valves. Pod doesn't stick right for me either and you agree or you wouldn't be asking. My first thought was valve unit, but maybe valve bank is better terminology. Does decoder valve section sound more correct for the application?
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    I"d change "pod" to "location". Just curious but do you have a sit down with the contractors after they are awarded the jobs to go over things like one valve per box and as-built drawings are expected upon completion and before the final release of the 10% retainers?

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