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    I'm still using prodiamine in spring and simazine/atrazine in fall/winter as a general pre program on all the warm season turf.

    Wondering the results on specticle you guys are seeing? Is it helping with sedges? How and when are you timing it?

    Wondering how I could incorporate it to control the most types of weeds? Round 1 followed by partial rate of prodiamine in round 2?

    It's expense worries me. Based on Internet prices it is $85 per acre at the 6 oz rate. That's a little high in my area without any post action...... Unless it really gives great control m
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    it won't help with existing sedge. i used it for fall it worked fine but I'm not using it again. too expensive and i think I can control poa with prodiamine followed by 2 rounds of simazine. I certainly wouldn't use it for crab grass control. prodiamine works fine for me. plus i spray it in fall and thats when people cancel when their grass goes dormant and they are clean until march. NOOOPE!!!!
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    When I worked at Weedman Roswell, I mixed mine on the heavy side 7-7.5 per acre. Not a weed in my lawns all winter, could do 40-50 lawns a day and only go through. 2 gal in a back pack with dismiss just for sedges. Great product will be using it in my own business. Just do not apply to extremely sandy soil and common Bermuda,
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