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    I am in north atlanta. My previous round was specticle at the 8oz single application rate as well as manor at .5 and ounce. I went ahead and bought another 2 gallons because the bank account was doing pretty well. I am now applying six weeks later on bermuda (95% percent of my lawns) specticle at the 4oz rate along with more msm. That puts those lawns at 120z. Once those lawns are fully dormant I will use simazine. Has anyone else done something similar to this and have you seen any weeds come christmas time? I'm going for the absolutely no weeds goal. At 8oz per acre I have seen just a few weeds and that's why I went ahead and put a little more down at the 4oz per acre rate. Has anyone done this on bermuda and will the simtrol be worthwhile to use at this point for the next round in 3 or 4 weeks?
  2. georgialawn88

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    I used 4 oz then 3 oz. so far yards look good. Anyone else wanna chime in?
  3. WestGaPineStraw

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    4 oz first app and we are running 2.5 oz per acre this round. So far so good.
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  4. grassmasterswilson

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    You Georgia guys are using specticle for fall pre? Then following up In Spring with prodiamine?

    Sounds like you like specticle better than simazine for the fall. Something I must try but the different rates on Bermuda and centipede worry me.
  5. georgialawn88

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    grassmasters, I don't think theres a pruning issue. I know a guy that something happened and his gun came off and spec went everywhere. 6 weeks later there was no issue with the grass it was as green as before. I don't know bout centipede I don't treat that grass.
  6. Falcon50EX

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    I use Specticle 6oz acre in the spring and Prodiamine at 2lbs acre in the fall
    Centipede Prod at 1lbs acre
  7. grassmasterswilson

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    After reading the label it looks like something I need to research, especially if it's sedge control is good. That could really save some time and money with herbicides.

    My normal spring (split app of prodiamine) and fall pre(split app simazine and atrazine) gets great control. I do get a gap in late summer and have outbreaks of nut sedge.

    Will have to research some more.
  8. jad004

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    My only problem with Specticle is that almost all of my customers have a tree or two in their lawn, then they want to go and plant Fescue in a 15' circle around those trees.
  9. JandBLawnCare

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    4 oz first app with .55 per 1k Trimec Southern in October. Gonna run another 4 oz. in Feb. I am finally noticing the last of the dove weed and spurge dying off.
  10. inzane

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    I'm wondering how some of you guys results were with specticle this year? and curious as to what rates were used?

    I'm definetly using speciticle this fall. I used dimension last fall with OK results. I used .55 oz per 1,000 sq. ft. for the first fall round, then 5 to 6 weeks later repeat. Most of my yards look good. I had just a few that had issues due to what i think is the amount of rain we had.. I was seeing poa in areas that don't drain good, or slopes that have aot of water washing down them... I had a little bit of poa in my own lawn in areas like this, and never had it last year when i used prodiamine in the fall. lots of rain this year though..

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