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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by peewee, Jul 11, 2001.

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    I am new this year to the business. I had the idea that working outside is great and I can make decent money cutting grass. I had a friend in florida with a walk behind /velky. I watched him work and thought it actually looked fun. I am a former motocross racer and this looked like riding to me. So I inquired at the only commercial dealer in town-toro. I demo'd a ztr for a day and cut about 6 or 7 acres. well the romantic vision of cutting grass blew up in smoke when I realized how bumpy lawns really are! My neck was so screwed up I couldn't turn my head for almost a week. I thought motocross was tough! I figured there is no way my neck could take that abuse constantly and opted to wear out my knees instead with a w/b and velky. I am well adjusted to it now but it blows my mind when I read these threads about cutting at 8-10mph. I can't keep the mower straight to save my life at 4 mph unless the yard is as smooth as a highway. Is it just me, I maybe need driving lessons or do all w/b's bounce. Also was the smashing I took on the ztr par for the course? Has anyone tried the ferris with suspension. How about you manufacturers using some technology and designing something more comfortable/smooth. Look forward to responses, Peewee:blob3:
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    Better seat might help. You couldn't ride but you can stand?

    Patience and time.............

    Necks become rubbery after a couple years, we look like the bobbing dog on the back of the seat now. No more pain..........just a little wobbly!
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    Everyone looks at us and like dam they get that much for just mowing , Well it isnt all find and dandy its hard work

    my .2
  4. "Quality of cut" and "acres per hour" seems to be manufacturers priorities.
    "Operator comfort" is much less a priority.
    Few commercial mowers are purchased by the person who operates them.
    Solo operators are few, and like myself often purchase used equipment.
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    peewee, wear your old motocross kidney belt for awhile it will help take some of bounce. Oh yeah, are you making US$100 an hour yet?? Wes por folk around these here parts.
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    hey cantoo did you say $100/hr U.S.? I get paid in fish and beaver pelts. How fast do you go and still manage to keep a straight line? Peewee

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