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    is the speed control setting on the zk for high speed set to the back or the front on the pumps mine is set in the back just wondering if this is wide open or do i need to move it to the front hole. Thanks Justin
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    On the ZK you will want to keep the pump lever set the same as it came from the factory. The pump lever is used on the ZK and the SentarIII, so the other hole on the lever is the one used for the SentarIII. Any speed adjustment made to the ZK is done at the control levers. There are two versions of control levers that have been used on the ZK's, the first has two holes and the current has three holes. All adjustments are based on the perspective of the operator on the machine. On the earlier two hole version the rear hole set is for 11.5mph and the forward hole is for 13.5mph. On the current three hole version the rear hole is for 10.25mph, the middle hole is for 11.75mph and the forward hole is for 13.5 mph. Due to stacking tolerences there is a +/-.5mph in these setups. Once any of these changes are made to either version there will need to be a reset of the steering torsion rods, these are the two yellow rods connecting the control lever rods to the pump control rods. The lower ends that connect to the shorter pump control rods and the oil cooler tower will have to be reset to be parallel with the oil cooler tower. This adjustment is accomplished by loosening and adjusting the lower pump control rod that is connected to the rear hole in the yellow torsion rod and the pump control lever.

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