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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Kelly's Landscaping, Feb 9, 2004.

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    I just got your 2004 lazer catalogue in the mail and I have a few questions for you I currently have a kohler 27 hp 60 and the speed is said to be 10 miles per hour. I am leaning towards the 28 hp EFI and the book says the same 10 miles per hour.

    So how come the 27 hp diesel is rated at 12 miles per hour? Were talking about identical and even higher hp so why are two 27 hp models so different? Aside from the extra 400 pounds the diesel is carrying around the only real difference I saw was the back tires are said to be 26 inches instead of the 24 inches on the other models is that extra 2 inches where the speed is coming from? It obviously isn’t coming from being light the thing weighs 1600 pounds empty no rider no fuel no bagging system.
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    Outside of the mower deck, seat, drive levers, deck and front caster wheels there really isn't much shared between the XP and the Lazer Z. The XP has a heavier frame to accommodate the diesel engines weight and more importantly vibration characteristics. The XP also uses larger pumps and wheel motors to not only accommodate added weight but the added tire size.

    Yes the 2" taller tire gives you more speed but the hydro components themselves also add to the increase in speed. I wouldn't recommend putting the 26's on the Lazer.



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