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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by heavenlydeere, May 23, 2005.

  1. heavenlydeere

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    its been my observation that alot of lcos and scrubs tend to think speed is a necessity when cutting grass ! while it may help sometimes, i still think slowing down a mph or 2 and producing a high quality cut is far better , you will tear up less turf, use less gas ( i know, not alot ) , its easyer on equipment and you, and the customer tends to dislike strange looking loud machines flying around their yard! i just think that as professionals that we owe it to our customers, ourselves and really to each other to be as professional as we can !! i think slowing down a little and making a quality cut is far better than speeding around and making an less than quality cut!! what do you think?
  2. LawnBrother

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    Personally, I always try to take the time to make the lawn look as good as I can. I think most would agree with me that a job well done speaks volumes about your company's professionalism and comittment to quality, and is a great advertisement as well. I've landed many new customers because they see and like the work I have done on their neighbor's lawn. That said, efficiency is also extremely important. There are also certain properties where quality is less of a concern to the customer. They just want it cut. These lawns typically can't be made to look good anyway, short of some major renovation, so I'm happy to just mow and go.
  3. bondman35a

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    Excellent Point. I think if you can find the max speed and get a nice cut, that is the best point to mow.
  4. C&KLawnCare

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    All high speed mowing does is beat the crap out of equipment and the operator.. Plus the yards IMHO Look like crap . I see my competition out every day with their . Buntons,Snapper ect zturn walkbehinds . Flying like a mad man . Crab walking acrossed a slope. after a while you can see the ruts from these mowers in yards . I picked up a discouraged customer last week . I stuck my 25 hp craftsman on that hillside and mowed it off . Mowed the level spots . He came out and was really pleased at the cut quality . Said my god my yard has never looked this great in years . I said well im happy that your happy and i try to take pride in my work. Yard did look great , i was not completly happy from some of the scuff marks over some ruts left by . The former Z turns from mowing whene it was wet . But he was so a happy customer is ok with me. I used to work for a Lawn care service . And to tell you the truth. I do not see the love affair with these dang heavey Z turn walkbehinds , and the stand on sulky's . Up hill just sucks whene you have to hold up on the handle bars to keep the deck from raising . Side hills ughhh That dang crab walking and having to constantly feather the dang hydro controls , Trying to keep the machine straight . And for god's sake dont turn down hill or your in for one hell of a ride . And pray the damn thing turning up hill dont spin out and slide backwards or you have a jackknifed sulky under a . 1000lb machine . I can stripe and mow just as well or better with my rading tractors than i ever could a z turn .... Some wont agree i know but thats ok everyone to their own opion right. :) . But Z turn walkbehind's to me are nothing more than a over priced Dangerous pile of junk .
  5. Appalachian landscape

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    velkes aren't really made to ride on hills. That's operator error, not the equipment.
  6. C&KLawnCare

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    velkes aren't really made to ride on hills. That's operator error, not the equipment.)))

    Tell that to the stupid mowing crew man that used to chew my ass daily cause i was walking instead of riding the thing..... Even whene your walking on hills behind the darn thing's , Ya still have the crabing and holding up on handlebars , So theirs not much diffrence , Their good for flat land use and thats about all i can say good about em.... I had to ride and slide or hear constant complaining . Give me a rider anyday on a hill and away i go , If i cant cross it . or go up and down on it , its weedeater time . And i pass the silly back of manual 15% saftey margin alot 15% is not steep . Love the videos though never mow anything you cant back up , Well hell in WV their would be lots of grass that never got mowed if we folowed that rule , for idiots .... Ill have to post some inclines that i mow quite comfortably and where a z turn walkbehind would be sliding sideways the whole time.
  7. C&KLawnCare

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    [​IMG] Gives ya an idea on how steep this section is Zturn walkbehind never do it could never turn it to make a pass back . I just mow back and forth on this section , Never slip or slide or spin .
  8. South Florida Lawns

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    Yes the ztrs can be sketchy on hills sometimes but its easy to learn how to control them. I run through wet grass all the time (FLORIDA IS ALL SAND) and we leave no ruts what so ever. And I would love to see a tractor out cut my hustler ATZ. It will stick on any slope you point it to wards. Another advantage is fuel capacity both mowers have 10 - 11 gal that is good for up to 35-40 lawns around here, no stopping and tilting the hood forward every 10 yards to refuel.
  9. slicksilverado01

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    what hill it looks flat to me :confused: ....and the fastest pace with good qaulity for you must be pretty damn slow :alien: j/k whatever works for you pal. in the end result for everyone is a paycheck payup
  10. Jpocket

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    Thank you, a tractor is okay for a few lawns, but when your cutting alot of volume zero turn is the ONLY WAY TO GO PERIOD. and i have yet to see any tractor cut as good as a commercial mower.

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