Speed zone- too fast?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by way to grow, Jun 16, 2004.

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    I've been using speedzone for weed control and it has worked awesome, but I think it might be killing the weeds too fast. There might not be enough time for the weeds to absorb the 2 4-d into the roots. It seems that I'm getting a lot more weeds growing back than when I was using momentum. What do you fellows think? Are you seeing the same type of thing or am I just imagining things? Thanks.
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    Here is an excerpt of some research done by Purdue

    Promised Update on Carfentrazone

    As mentioned in an earlier version of Turf Tips, carfentrazone is a newly registered contact broadleaf herbicide that gives extremely quick burn down. It is available in a multiple-way mix as Speedzone and Powerzone by PBI Gordon and alone as QuickSilver by FMC. Our fall 2002 study was applied on Oct 6, rated for burndown the first 7 days, and then rated for percent cover on Oct 26 and April 28, 2003. We ran two studies, one with Canada thistle and the other with primarily ground ivy and some dandelion and clover. Carfentrazone gave extremely fast burndown of both ground ivy and Canada thistle, regardless if it was applied alone or with 4 common broadleaf products. However, carfentrazone by itself did not reduce Oct 26 cover of ground ivy or thistle except at the highest rate of 0.05 oz/1000 ft2. This was expected because as a contact, carfentrazone should provide little long-term control of deep-rooted, rhizomatous, or stoloniferus weeds. Our main concern was that we would sacrifice long-term control of the tankmix partner by burning the weed down too fast with carfentrazone, but our concerns were not justified. Also as expected, adding carfentrazone at 0.025 oz/1000 ft2 to Trimec Classic, Eliminate, Chaser 2 Amine, or Turflon Ester did not increase long-term control by these products. More importantly, carfentrazone did not decrease long-term control by these products. The bottom line is the addition of carfentrazone in a tankmix has tremendous potential for professional lawn care to provide quick burndown, while allowing the other tankmix partner(s) to provide adequate long-term control. Further research will be initiated in 2003 to help further define the potential and limitations of carfentrazone.
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    Thank you! Exactly what I was looking for!

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