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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ShorterGrass, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. ShorterGrass

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    Not considering equipment, what tricks have you guys picked up that help you get a job done as quickly as possible?

    GOATMAN GEORGE LawnSite Member
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    Being in good shape & eating healthy drastically improves your abilities & speeds at work.

    I have 2 employees 22 & 26 who had 0 experience. Who now (after 2-3 mos) run laps around a 38 & 42 year old who have several years experience. The two younger guys eat healthier and exercise outside of the job. The older guys hit up fast food twice a day and drink beers all night. It really shows.
  3. tinman

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    Being in good shape is a good one from above. Lots of water even when not working to stay hydrated. Mow 1st then weedeat (if one man show) that way if a tree does not need weed eating you will know already without walking to it.
  4. tinman

    tinman LawnSite Bronze Member
    from ga
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    Always check to see if trimmer has enough gas so there's no walking back to truck to refill. Only one yard I do requires more than a full tank on a trimmer. Check trimmer line also
  5. zackvbra

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    -don't mow completely around trees and other obstacles. just mow on one side of it and then get the other side on the other pass. when trimming, it doesn't take any less time to get the extra grass, compared to going completely around it with the ztr.

    -buy a couple extra trimmer heads for each trimmer and keep them spooled up. saves a lot of time when your out in the field, youll be glad you did.

    -buy one of those long handled debris grappler things and have a 5 gallon bucket bungee strapped to the top of the mower deck, if its possible. saves a lot of time and energy rather than walking around with a trash can bending over and picking it up by hand.

    -if there is an excess of children/pet toys strung out in the yard everytime you come, don't be afraid to kindly ask the customer to please keep it picked up if they know you are coming.

    -buy good equipment. don't fiddle fart around with half ass $hit. itll end up costing you more money in time trying to get it to work. get commercial stuff.

    -always make sure everything is filled up with fuel. that ones a given I think.

    -time yourself on each lawn. keep records of how long it took, so that the next time you go back to that property, you may can find a way to shave off a couple of minutes. 2 minutes counts up, and keeping timed records will make you want to push yourself. if you have 20 lawns and you shave off 2 minutes on each one, that's 40 minutes. that's enough time to squeeze in a couple extra lawns. and maybe you can shave off a couple more the next week, and so on and so forth.

    that's all I can think of right now, hope this helps!
  6. ShorterGrass

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    Dude thats brilliant. Thats happening as soon as I get off work!
  7. norsky

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    Don't be reading LawnSite when you should be working...........
  8. ShorterGrass

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    Ill definitely take that into consideration....
  9. monoshock

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    Just mow ever other pass, and tell the owner it's the new up coming fad.
    Kinda like strips, but in 3-D
  10. GrassGuerilla

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    Always fuel your tool if its half tank or less.

    Keep some trimmer line in your pocket. Have your guys all keep some trimmer line in their pocket too. Randomly do spot checks and ask if a guy has trimmer line in his pocket and pay him $5 if he does. It'll cost you a handful of fives, but it will pay you back many times over in saving trips back to the truck (how do string trimmers always manage to run out as far from the truck as possible?) this turns into a morale booster in the heat, you'd be surprised.

    Train your trimmer guy to trim counter clockwise. (The right way anyhow really). It keeps the discharge flying away from whatever your trimming, speeding cleanup.

    Learn how to properly sharpen blades, and keep belts adjusted. These two things cause almost all the "stringers", or "mowhawk" of grass that sneak between the blades. Amazing how many people double or triple cut to make up for poor sharpening habits or maintenance.

    Read your damn service manuals. Preventive maintenance saves a lot of headaches. Clogged or oil soaked air filters, or old fouled plugs that lead to hard starting, lots of yanking or even breaking recoil ropes or strings are energy drainers and time wasters. Stay on top of things.

    Keeping trimmers and edgers etc the same brand makes it easy to rob Peter to pay Paul if needed.

    Buy dedicated tools. At least for your main stuff. Switching Kombi or whatever system for core tools like a trimmer doesn't make sense. It's nice to share a power head for occasional use stuff like a pole saw, or if you only use a stick edger on rare occasion. But for your go to tools it's a time waster.

    Always keep an empty Gatorade bottle in the truck ;-)

    Edit: hope my "opinion" didn't violate the spirit of your "not considering equipment". I assume you meant specifics.
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