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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ShorterGrass, Aug 1, 2013.

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    Keep your main tools on the curb side of your trailer. If you can't grab a string trimmer, blower, mower or rake with out moving something, your wasting time.Keep the ladder,edger, spreaders, fert bags, chems, sprinkler repair stuff and other crap that doesn't get used at every yard on the traffic side. Since I bought my trailer and built racks, I've noticed my tool orginiazation was the biggest factor in my productivity.
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    It's a tough enough job to do when your having a good day. I'm not into beating my guys down. This little game has probably cost me $60 over a couple seasons. I will wager it has already paid for itself for some time to come. And honestly the two youngest guys on the crew (that actually had line in their pocket) had a McLunch on me and you would have thought I bought steak dinners as happy as they were.

    Next time we "played." Even the mower guys had trimmer line. I bucked up.

    I haven't fired anyone for not having trimmer line yet, but usually the guy that won't do something as simple as pocket some line, won't follow other directions either.

    Whenever I see someone go back to the truck, I find out why and work to reduce the need. Not fueling up when they're at a half tank, and not carrying line are the two biggest offenders. When its hot, I'm more leanient about it. Take all the water breaks you need. Just keep up the game.

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