Speeding tickets??

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by deere615, Oct 31, 2010.

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    On 75? I can attest to that. Usually the State Highway Patrol will sit there... although they don't even have to run radar now that they have the "if you look like you're speeding, you're speeding" law.
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    I dont know guys I must be invisible;) 1 accident no fault dumb b!tch wasnt paying attention at hit me while stopped at a stop light. No tickets warnings etc. I still dont get how november of 2009 from eagan,mn to bentonville, AR saw 1 cop the entire way{ 640miles} left at 2 am got there at 10am. That night I found out that a scion xb will pull 3700 for 8 hours 3 stops for fuel 2.5 tanks@10 gal each. I believe we averaged 85mph that night with stops {all for a wedding reception for some friends that started at 1pm}. Then also on the way down to winona 2.5hours ave. got down there in 1 hour 15min zero cops, sat on 100-102 95% of the way the danger ranger runs out of legs at that point:weightlifter: I know my times comming but what the heck ya only live once:drinkup:
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    Holy crap! Guess you profile picture speaks for itself!

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