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speedometer dead or not ???


LawnSite Member
Hi guys / calling from France so I apologize <br>in advance for technical mistakes.<br>Here's my problem(s) / I own a 77 k5 Blazer /<br>when I bought it six months ago the speedometer and the temperature gauge were already broken / Actually the speedometer is half broken because the miles are turning but speed indicator is dead / The last owner of this Blazer had the great idea to put it as high as possible : about 25 cm higher than the regular blazer model. He told me that &quot;the little noise&quot; I could heard when driving (sounds like a clik every time the wheels are turning one time) was because the cable for the speedometer was to short. <br>So after these long explanations my questions are : is the speedometer dead or only unplugged / same question for the temp. gauge : and if not, how will I know if the gauge is broken or the part into the engine ???<br>Please help a french blazer owner in a world of small cars ;-)<p>----------<br>Happy Blazer French Owner<br>


LawnSite Member
Clawson, Mi
If the odometer is tuning then the speedometer cable is ok. You will need a new speedometer. They are pretty easy to get around hear. France. I don’t know. The temperature gauge is another story. Can you find the sending unit wire? Is it hooked up? What does the gauge do? Is it full hot or full cold? If the wire is off, the gauge should be past full hot. If the wire is shorted to ground than it should be full cold. <br>I’ll be looking for your next post. <br>PS the Speedometer can be repaired. there is a place not far from my house. If you would like I can get you the information.<p><br>