Speedzone and Rain-Am I OK???

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by MOW ED, May 10, 2003.

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    Man I busted balls today and sprayed a bunch of lawns. I used Speedzone and a sticker. The lable says that it is rainfast in 3 hours. OK I got 4 out of a couple smaller ones and the bigger ones had about 9-10 hours but now it is raining and it will rain for the next 2 days.
    I am sure the spray dried on all of them because it was a sunny day and about 62 degrees.

    Do you think I screwed up by spraying? I am way behind and I am hoping that this stuff lives up to its label. Oh ya we are supposed to get about 2 inches of rain in the next two days.

    The weeds are in cool season grasses, thistle, dandelion, spurge, clover. Tell me what ya think.
  2. You should be cool, I have spayed Strike 3 before durring and after heavy rains with little wash off using a sticker.

    Mihgt get a small amount that didn't stay on, but that's the way this biz works.
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    MOW ED, like LAWNGODFATHER said that's the nature of the business. Here on the we_t coast of BC we are always dodging rain and may have to retreat up to 10% of our jobs, and we don't use spreader/stickers. Stupid thing is I don't know why not!:confused:
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    I must say that I was a little worried because we got over an inch of rain. I read the label and it said that you are not to spray when rain is imminent but it also said that it is rainfast in 3 hours.

    I sprayed the weed below (yes my yard) at 3:30 pm on Saturday May 10. The flowers were in bloom. At 7:00 pm it began raining and it rained until 6am. There were some torrential downpours. I used speedzone mixed at aprox 1.2 oz per gal with Chem-Stick nonionic sticker.

    I took this picture at 8:00 am on Monday May 12. There is obvious injury and curling. I am sold on this stuff.

    wlkp 030.jpg
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    The real key to weed control is: "Are the weeds actively growing?" You cannot control dandelions early in the spring because of a waxy overwintering coat on the leaves - only a little chemical will be absorbed, and you will get leaf curl but no significant damage to roots.

    As far as rain, I have treated a lawn with old basic Trimec, and had a dounpour hit as soon as I got back into truck. Next week all weeds were hammered, and I thought I would have to retreat, LOL. If weeds are actively growing, old rule of thumb was that esters would be effective in 15 minutes, amines in 30 min. After that rain or irrigation will have no effect on treatment. Labels always state a much longer time, just like my notice to clients says not to irrigate for 24 hours.

    Remember the key is active growth. I have treated oxalis on a hot summer day with Scythe and Roundup, and seen it brown in 5 minutes. Another important consideration is to only mix what you will be using. Some herbicides, after sitting in the tank for a few days, are basically impotent. Depending on the pH of your mixing medium, they can degrade rather quickly.
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    Thanks Jim, it is always appreciated to read your input.
    The weeds were actively growing and now they are quite stressed. I am not spraying on a very large scale (only use a max 35 gal tank) so I plan the day to spray almost all of it out. I was pretty worried but it looks like I was smiled upon.

    Today I had a very fun day of towing a backpack sprayer around to many of my smaller customers. The wind was bad at times and the big sprayer would have gone everywhere but where it was supposed to. At least there is no rain in the immediate forcast. Thanks for the input. I am learning a little more every day.

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