Speedzone is some good stuff!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by CRM Lawncare, Oct 29, 2004.

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    I have a stubbon 82 year old grandfather with tons of clover patches in his yard. He has refused to let me spray them until last week. In the past he demanded that I let him spray his walmart bought junk on it. I decided to try speedzone on it cause I wasn't having good luck with trimec or monemtum. Within 36 hours the clover started to brown and were gone in about 4 days. Speedzone works like a champ on clover. I hope it works this fast everytime so the little old ladies won't call me back the next day and wanna know why the weeds aren't dead yet.

    The funny part is my grandpa took his half used bottle of spray junk back to walmart and demanded a refund and told them they needed to start selling the stuff I used. Believe it or not they gave him a refund for the half used bottle.
  2. trying 2b organic

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    We dont have Speedzone brand in Canada so I did a search for it to see what the ingredients were to try to figure out why it worked better than the 3 -way.
    It looks like a great product, I wish we had it. It has the usual suspects as actives so it makes me think thier may actually be something to thier "advanced chemistry" above and beyond the percentages.
    Or maybe it just works better cause it has more meco than standard 3-ways. I really need a good buttercup and clover mix.
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    It works better because of the cafentrazone. Buy Quicksilver and ad it to your normal 3-way. Same AI that way -- cheaper and in my expereince -- just as good!

    A great product.

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