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Speedzone ??


LawnSite Senior Member
I need some help. I am trying to get some wild strawberries out of a fescue lawn. I'm wondering if anyone has used "Speed Zone" with any luck, and if you have, what mixture rate?

I know that straight 2-4-D has a little struggle with strawberries and wild violet. So is this a good option? Thanks, Tony

Yes I'm licensed. Thanks, Tony


LawnSite Senior Member
Speedzone works fantastic on wild violets -- better than anything else I've tried. Actaully, I have been making "my own" sppedzone by combining Quicksilver and Strike Three together. Same active ingredients. I apply mixture at .9ml of quicksilver (jsut afew drops) and 1.1 oz of Strike Three per 1000 ft.

For speedzone -- jsut look at the label. Feel free to go with maximum rate -- I have never seen it burn turf at label rates -- unless its very hot out 80+


LawnSite Senior Member
Indianapolis, IN
I have experimented with using a mix similar to Hamons. Last fall I used Quicksilver with Lesco Three-Way at the same rate as above. It worked very well on the wild violets and other weeds I treated.


LawnSite Fanatic
N.E. Wisconsin
Speedzone is excellent for a broad range of weeds. I mix at 1oz per gal. If you don't have a huge area just put 4 oz in a backpack sprayer to 4 gals and go to town. The stuff has made me and my customers a believer. Its not the cheapest but then niether am I.