Spent 9 hours sucking up leaves.

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by caseysmowing, Dec 13, 2018.

  1. caseysmowing

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    I think it's worth it for the money. Once you go pass the 30hp+ gas motors the price gets way up there and none are skid mounts. If it wasn't for the job I'm referring too I could step down to a 25-29hp and mount it underneath the truck like my other one. When the leaves are dry one man can't begin to feed it fast enough.
  2. Turf Tracer

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    35 is fine if you feed it right after cleaning

    But I want it for missed Municipal piles and areas with only 1 Municipal pick up and times Municipal quits early Dec because of snow.

    One year we had out over 200 piles curbside, thousands of cy of leaves and early Dec snow and long lasting cold killed the Municipal program.

    The 35 just Did Not Have Enough Power to handle that. we pitchforked most of it straight into a dump body
  3. caseysmowing

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    Curbside looks like hard work even with the 80hp+ models.
  4. Turf Tracer

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    You right about that. If leaves been sitting and are rotting/compacted/frozen or snow covered even the 99hp units have to be fed a bit at a time. Municipal usually has 1 guy driving and 4 feeding the intake or loosening up piles

    The 48 diesel would be enough for the 200 or so I got to deal with though. At least eliminates manual pitchforking into the hopper
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  5. ArTurf

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    Ok, I feel better for you. Thought he might be screwing you.
    7 hours straight sucking leafs gotta suck though, no pun intended
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  6. mowing4cash

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    How do you advertise curb side pick up?
  7. caseysmowing

    caseysmowing LawnSite Silver Member
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    I just have it on the side of my truck and door hangers. I don't advertise much anymore.
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  8. Turf Tracer

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    When I did it, just had leaf box on truck w/advertising. Pics of Oak and Maple Leaves and big lettering Curbside Leaf Removal w/phone/email.

    Great money but the 35hp not enough to go outside my customer base.
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  9. PLLandscape

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    The village near me does curbside and they have those huge towable units. The guy working the loader gets his rear handed to him but it sucks up wet snow covered piles without much of an issue it seems. A town I used to live in used high lifts and garbage trucks with special bins attached to the back for the loader to dump into. Made quick work of the streets piles without much labor. Just need a $150K loader and a few garbage trucks. :laugh:

    A couple years ago I cleaned of a few piles left by non yearly customers.....never again. I'm even hesitant on doing fall cleanups for people that I don't regularly service. Most wont pay either so that solves that issue in itself.

    It is amazing the difference from dry to wet leaves. Dry leaves my 18hp just eats and eats. Get them a tad damp and it's a whole different pickup. This year was only damp.....

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