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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by silverscapes, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. silverscapes

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    i going to use talstar for spider mites does anybody mix anything else with talstar for spider mites :usflag:
  2. Neal Wolbert

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    Without knowing what mites you're after or plants you're treating it's a bit difficult to give you a recommendation. In the Northwest Floramite and Hexagon together are very effective, albeit a bit spendy. They're both easy on the beneficial mites, encouraging pest/predator balance. Google the brand names for more info.
  3. silverscapes

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    from de
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    spider mites are on dwarf alberta spruce sorry:usflag:
  4. storm-shadow

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    Spider mites are one of the main reasons I use a " air-blast" unit, cool season Mites rest under bark scale and can be tough to reach with conventional units.
    I would need to see a closeup pic of the Mite to make a positive ID, a WAG would be either two-spotted or European red, based on degree days and host.

    This time of year I use a initial app of insecticidal soap, followed by a 2nd app of floramite. In the spring or fall I rotate Lambda-cyhalothrin, Bifidren & Dimethoate.
    Mite's are quick to build up resistance to pesticides except Soap & Hort. Oil, tough to tolerate not breathing.;)

  5. heritage

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    You missed the window for Spruce Spider Mites on the Alberta Spruce.

    When these plants are in full sun, They should be Sprayed in Mid May with Floramite (only use once a season)

    In Mid September these mites are active again in the cooler weather. Spray Avid.

    The problem with Talstar is it kills the Predators (good bugs) that eat the Spruce Spider Mite.

    The Floramite/Avid Rotation works great for me. Only once on a SEVERE SSM prob. on Arbs, did I use the Hexagon/Avid Tank Mix. Super Tank Mix!

    Don't use Horticultural Oil on Alberta Spruce.

    Hopefully not too much browning on the Alberta,

  6. storm-shadow

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    Good point on the Hort. oil, I don't use it unless there is no alternative control. I agree with the timing on the Alberta Spruce, but are you certain about the Dwarf cultivar? I have seen them start to show damage in early summer & are defoliated by fall. Warm season mites love the dwarf variety & they are active throughout the hot weather.
  7. heritage

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    I do see Euro Red SM on Am. Holly and Azalea in Hot Stress areas on occasion, but I only see the Spruce Mite on the Dwarf White Spruce Here in N.J.

    What I find here on the summer Brown Spruce issue is The 2nd and 3rd year needles have dropped, from high population feeding only MONTHS before. If the New Growth is still alive, have the client keep the shrub moist during the summer, and spray in Mid Sept, with Floramite @ the High Rate for the 1st App. Then get the plant on an annual spray program. (b sure too that if Tru Grn has been spraying there/they sprayed it with SEVIN and killed the preditor insects of SSM)

    The SSM is in a resting state (diapause) in the summer when it's over 85 F.

    The May app. of Floramite 2SC @ the High (8 oz/100 Gal H20) gives a month or so of residual/protection. By then it's starting to get hot here, so the very bad late spring damage is avoided.

    I spray ALL Dwarf Spruce in Full Sun/Stress areas Every Year. Remember that Birds can Vector the SSM to these little Evergreens.

    Protect them at the right time in the SPRING, in the NorthEast.

    Pete D.
  8. americanlawn

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    Kelthane knocks the sh$t out of pretty much all mites. I worked for ChemScape in the late 70's thru 80's in Dallas. I got "crabs" from a girlfriend who was also dating other guys. I applied kelthane (white powder) 'down there". Two days later, I went to his doctor ---doc said, "You definitely HAD crabs, but you don't have 'em anymore. What did you do?" I told him about applying concentrate Kelthane to my private parts. Doc said, "That's like using an atomic bomb to kill gophers!" True story, but please guys, don't make too much fun of me.........I was just doing what I thought was logical. (I know you guys are gunna make fun of this, but that's cool).
  9. TLS

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    Ahhh.....americanlawn.....the pieces are starting to fall together as we all try to figure you out. This experience explains a lot!
  10. roguesuerte

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    I have been using Lesco cross-check(talstar derivative I believe) on spider mites, Euyonymous Scale, and Wooly Adelgid on Hemlock wth great results for a couple of seasons

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