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I was reading about spiders. Man, we got tons of them down here in Western NC. Big one with yellow stripes on their backs. Build a big web in a couple of hours.

Anybody know what they are?

We have been esspecially dry down here. About 12 inches below normal. Most of these yards are brown and dead. Even trees are going.
Sure hope we get a wet winter.



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Big yellow stripes-- hmm sounds like writing spiders. They have another name but I can't think of it. But they are uuuugggly and can be huge. Old tale goes if they write your name you soon be dead. Spider really crank up from august to november every year.
Our weather has been perfect from the middle of july until now her in sc. Has rained just about every 2 weeks over an inch every time. Sure saved this year from being a real bummer. I have never had a drought affect the whole year. Usually the drought comes in mid june to 1st of august . This year it started in may and ended in july. Well as far as getting the grass to grow it has ended. But we are way down on the total year rain guages and the lakes are looking sad. But the grass and crabgrass are growing strong.

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We can sympathize with you about the weather. Here in N. Texas, we have had about 90 something days with no official rainfall. (It has rained in spots, but not at the "official" weather station.) I can't remember the last time it rained here. Water rationing is widespread, with the occasional water emergency.
I think maybe the spiders are what we around here call, in tech terms, a common "garden spider". Don't know anything about your area, though. ours get great big, and at my house two and three of them build adjacent webs.