Spill containment system


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Hoopeston, IL
This is my second year as an applicator here in Illinois and I am picking up quite a few more large commercial clients. What are some suggestions for spill containment at the customer site? I have several locations where I will need to refill 5-6 times to complete the job. I am looking at the containment pallets for my enclosed trailer. I only need to contain a 50 gallon spill (Zmax) so I am thinking 3-4 (2 barrel) pallets will give me an area large enough to park the machine on while I refill. I mix in the machine rather than in my nurse tank. Looks like it will run me 3-400 dollars which is not a big deal, I just want to know what everyone else is doing.

Its also my understanding that our local state inspector had cancer and died last year. So I expect a few visits this year to ensure I am up to par. I will have a letter from a local ag chem place for use of their fill pad but I expect the pressure for a portable fill pad to come more from the clients than the local state inspector.


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