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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by matt@mcs, Nov 12, 2010.

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    What kind of drive over spill pad would you guys reccomend? Need to buy one for mixing a 300 gal tank sprayer.

  2. RigglePLC

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    I happen to have one for sale, cheap. Retired. Click my name. Take a look at the pictures in my photo album: "2009, fall". It is made of heavy butyl rubber, and it is about 10 by 22 feet. You place 6 by 6 landscape timbers around the edges, hold the rubber in place with concrete pavers. To drive in, the open end is held up with 6 inch foam rubber timbers. They squash down as your tires roll over and then pop back up. The pad can then retain about 1000 gallons. There is a pump to convey spills or wash water back into the truck tank. Or you can just squeegee the solution and bail it into buckets to pour it into your tank. Rolls up for winter storage. Send me a note.
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    You beat me to the punch. Yes without going to the expense of sealed concrete the butyl rubber pond liner is the way to go and can be moved. Be sure to make your spill containment bigger than the total volume of your tank. A Cubic Foot will hold 7.48 gallons call it 7 1/2 gallons. I suggest a sump so you can use a submersible pump. Also a roof to keep out rain water would be nice but I don't have one. What I do have is a filler to keep trash out of my tank when recovering that rain water. The submersible pump was the cheapest thing about the spill pad

    Matt at the price of Pond liner, I suggest you think serious about buying Riggle used liner. The timbers and concrete pavers might not be a bargain by the time they are shipped to you.

    In Edit:

    Pond Liner can be patched very easy using PVC pipe glue, so a used spill pad is a very viable purchase.
  4. matt@mcs

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    So how much do you want for it?

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