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    A parked TruGreen truck was hit from behind, and 200 gallons spilled. Somehow they claimed it was non-toxic.
    Everyone please be careful out there. Do you run your flasher lights when stopped? I never did. I am thinking TruGreen leaves flashers on--I am not sure about this.

    Do you have a "Spill kit" on board. Kits are required in Michigan, (gloves, plastic bags, absorbant, small shovel), but you cannot really prepare for a large spill. They do not mention any spill kit on the TruGreen truck.
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    Granted, I only do a handful of yards so I don't have near the volume of liquid on my truck as some companies, but yes, I do have all the gear in case of a spill.

    Not only do I want to make sure to clean up anything I might spill, but I also want to keep all my ducks in a row in case a regulator stops while I'm working and wants to look over my equipment.

    Generally the industry is self regulated around here so if another company gets ticked off by me, then they'll end up calling the dept of ag. And we all know that there is always some other company jealous of what you are doing.
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    Many years ago when managing the fert & pest division of a large tree care company one of our trucks was on a golf course and rolled on it's side, spilling 1,000 gals into a stream. Luckily the applicators weren't hurt and had followed my instructions not to add pesticides to the tank until they were ready to spray. Dodged a big one there.

    Since then, I've favored spray rigs that carried only water in a mother tank and have a 25 gal tank to mix individual batches in.
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    Spill kits required in MN also. And they're probably right the dye they use is non toxic.
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    Spill kits are required in FL also as well as containment vessels for the chemicals you are carrying, including gasoline...
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    If it was a Tru Green truck theres a nhigh likelihood the H2O in the back was non toxic, trace amounts of fertilizer broken down at parts per million aren't dangerous. Thats why I dont handle chemicals, they kill you immeditally. I just fill my tank with water and blue food coloring and if a hack from the state approaches me I claim sexual harrassment and blanket allegations of racial profiling.
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    I almost peed myself laughing so hard reading this and now my kids think im crazy! thanks for brightening a long miserable day.
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