Spin opposite a bench grinder?

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    Does the Mag. & or most designated blade grinders spin in an opposite direction as bench grinders & if so why?
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    Could you please explain in further detail what you mean.

    My best guess is if you mean:

    Do MAGNA-MATIC sharpeners have dual direction motors (to do left and right handed blades)?

    No - MAGNA-MATIC sharpener design allows you to have a SINGLE DIRECTION motor (for safety) BUT you CAN DO LEFT AND RIGHT HANDED BLADES.

    To do a right or left handed blade, you simply stand on one side or the other of the grinder.

    SEE MAG-8000

    SEE MAG-9000

    In the IMAGE GALLERY sections of the MAG8000 and MAG-9000 you can see the "approach" of how the blade is sharpened in the pictures.

    The grinding wheel always rotates to throw the sparks directly into the GRIT GUARD.

    Thank you,

    PS. if this was not the answer to your question, please re-ask me with some more info.

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    The wheel spins in the opposite direction on a bench grinder....no?
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    I am still a little unclear in what you mean. But i will try again.

    If you look at the MAG-9000, the grinding wheel spins clockwise.

    If you look at the MAG-8000 from the side the grinding wheel spins clockwise.

    Bench grinders traditionally throw the sparks downward, where our grinders throw the sparks up & outwards into the grit guards. The reason for this is if we made our grinders spin downward - the BLADE would JAM between the spinning grinding wheel and the work table. This would be a major safety hazard.

    This is also a reason why we do not make a dual direction motor - instead we have the user stand on the opposite side of the machine to do a left handed blade.

    Thank you, if i have not answered your question, please try to provide me with more of a description.
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    Then yes, it would be opposite of the bench grinder. That wasn't very hard.


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