Spindle grease


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What spindle grease does everyone use? Brand, weight?
It is time for me to restock and thought I would get
some feedback from you guys.

Eric ELM

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I use a high temperature Mobil lithium grease. I've replaced 1 spindle bearing in the past 16 seasons and that one had 3,000 hours on it and was just a bit loose, the other 2 are still good.


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Penzoil Adhezolith. My regular supplier said that it had been pulled off the market, but the Penzoil distributor still had some $21.00CAN for 10 tubes. It's the only grease that I have found that stays in my spindles (Gravely walk behind).



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Grease: everybody think about it,years ago machinery lasted many years using what ever grease was avalible
at the time,and equip.etc seem to last many years, today everybody has there own opion on what to use etc!!!I seem to think if we went back to the basic we would be farther ahead???


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I buy a generic grease at Sams club, 24 tubes for $14 its a lithium base EP(?) NGLI#2(? from memory it may be different)the numbers on the tubes are the same as the $3 a tube name brand stuff.


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Anybody else try Marine grease. I've used it for years and never lost a spindle. I use it because it doesn't leak out as fast, stays put longer. I figure if it works under water on boat trailers without washing out then it ought to work fine in my mowers.